Golden State Warriors Chatbot Review

Golden State Warriors Chatbot Review

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 When you are a fan of a sports club, it becomes part and parcel of your life. You want to be aware of every update so that you have all the information in your fingertips. If you follow NBA, you know how difficult it is to stay in touch with everything taking place in the league. Due to the odd timings of this sport, you will either be on your way to school or work when a match starts.


As a result, if you want to keep track of all the developments which take place, it is an uphill task. For example, if you play NBA Fantasy, you need to know which player is performing well in the league, so that you can make the necessary adjustments.


Enter Golden State Warriors, a chatbot which makes it easy to follow this popular NBA team on your laptop or smartphone. Will the bot make it simple to get regular updates?




The developer of Golden State Warriors chose Facebook Messenger as the main platform, as it has a large user base. Like every other chatbot which uses this messaging app, you need to grant it permission by selecting “Get Started,” before you can start interacting with it.


The bot doesn’t waste any time with the formalities as it directs you to the main menu, from which you can select the following options:


  • Game Info
  • Vote in Numbers
  • Team Info


Under “Game Info,” you can select from options such as next games, previous games, and live score. If you choose “Next Games,” the chatbot will give you all the details of upcoming matches. For example, it will provide you with the date and time of the game, along with which radio station you can tune into, to listen to the proceedings. At the same time, the bot gives you the opportunity to buy tickets for the next game. If you select “Get Tickets,” the chatbot will redirect you to an official website where you can purchase seats for the match.


When you choose “Previous Games,” the bot will give you a list of all the matches which took place before a specific date. It gives you a small description of how the game went along with the final score between the two teams. The bot provides you with a brief recap of the match, by taking you to the official NBA website. Here, you can take a proper look at how the game went for the Golden State Warriors. Also, the chatbot allows you to watch a top play during the match. The best part is that you don’t have to leave the app, which is a plus point, regarding user experience.


The final option under “Game Info,” is “Live Score,” where the bot gives you the latest development for ongoing matches. You can ask the chatbot to check for updates so that you know the current score for the game.


You know how entertaining it is to watch the NBA All-Star game on TV. With the Golden State Warriors chatbot, you can vote for your favorite player, so that he makes it to this roster. According to the bot, you have ten votes every day, and you can select up to 10 NBA players. You can either do it through Google or the official NBA website.


The last option available is “Team Info,” which consists of “Players,” and “Shop Gear.” If you select “Shop Gear,” the bot will ask you to select from different types of team jerseys and clothing. Depending on what you choose, it gives you a list of products. The bot provides an image of the garment, along with how much you have to pay, to pick it up. Based on what you select, the bot redirects you to the team’s official store.


When you select “Players,” the bot will ask you to enter the name of the athlete. For example, if you type “Curry,” the chatbot gives you a description of the basketball player. You can ask the chatbot to provide personal information on the athlete. At the same time, you can take a look at the statistics of the player. Also, it shares small clips which provide a glimpse of the athlete’s performance in specific games.




Golden State Warriors is an excellent chatbot available on Facebook Messenger. The bot doesn’t waste any time teaching you how to use its features, as it is straightforward. You only need to select what interests you the most, and the bot provides the necessary information. The chatbot is fast, and it feels complete, as every feature works as expected. Also, you get detailed information about the players, which is extremely helpful if you play NBA Fantasy.


Are you interested in testing out this chatbot so that you can stay up-to-date with the developments of Golden State Warriors? Click here to start conversing with the bot!


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