Gotcha Growth Bot Review

Gotcha Growth Bot Review

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Gotcha, a growth automation and micro-survey platform, recently released a chatbot on Facebook Messenger called Gotcha Growth Bot. The bot is designed to help websites, growth hackers, brands, e-commerce, blogs, and startups all over the world. Let’s take a look to see what makes Gotcha Growth Bot special.


Gotcha Growth Bot is designed to help business owners figure out the right questions to ask its users and it suggests automated triggers that will help in increasing growth. When you open the chatbot on Facebook Messenger, you are greeted with a message where the bot introduces itself. It will also tell you about its parent company Gotcha. Once all the formalities are out of the way, the bot will ask you about your business. You have three options to select from; e-commerce, blog/website, and startup.

If you select e-commerce, the chatbot will begin to prepare a list of questions that you can ask your customers. It will then ask you what you are trying to achieve at the moment. You will have to select from new ideas and insights and increasing revenue. If you choose new ideas and insights, the bot will give you three tips on how to get new ideas for your e-commerce business. Each tip will help you gain valuable insight from your customers. The tips offered are as follows.

  • How would the user rate the product selection?
  • What is the user’s favorite item color?
  • What is the favorite category on the e-commerce site?

As you can see, all these questions are aimed to gain more knowledge about your customers so that you can expand your business. If you select increasing revenue, the chatbot will again provide three tips. The tips are highlighted below.

  • Ask the user about their favorite color for a specific item. Based on what the user selects, suggest coupons for that particular color.
  • Show the user a Youtube video about a new product after visiting your e-commerce site for the third time.
  • What will pair up with your product? When the user visits the next time, show a promotion about a new store or partnership that will compliment the e-commerce business.

The tips provided by the chatbot are aimed to trigger a response from your customers. Even though the tips provided are basic, it can be quite helpful to companies that have just started out in the highly competitive market.

Similarly, for blog/website and startup, you have the same options as above. However, the tips offered by the chatbot depends on what you select. For example, if you choose blog/website and opt for new ideas and insights, it will tell you the questions you can ask your customers so that you will know what to write about for your next article or blog. If you select increasing revenue, you will get three tips from the chatbot. On top of that, it will also give you vital information about affiliate marketing. If you select startups, the options offered are business decisions and new revenue models. The chatbot will provide tips based on what you select.


Overall, the chatbot is quite useful for people who have just ventured out into the business world. The tips provided are basic but useful as it will help you think along the right terms. The language used by the chatbot is simple and easy-to-understand. However, the chatbot doesn’t understand natural language as of now but the developers will add it in future updates. Why don’t you give Gotcha Growth Bot a try? After all, it is free and you can learn a little about the business world.


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