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The government of Singapore wanted to make the life of its citizens easier when it comes to accessing information. As a result of this train of thought, the government came up with the chatbot for Facebook Messenger. The chatbot allows citizens to interact with the government without having to visit the office. How will the chatbot fare against our expectations? Let’s find out!
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As the chatbot is available on Facebook Messenger, you need to activate it by selecting the option ‘get started.’ Once you activate the chatbot, it will inquire about how it can assist you. You can either go to the main menu, ask the chatbot a question or tell it that you are just browsing.

When you click on the main menu, the chatbot will list out all everything that it can do on Facebook Messenger. For example, you can stay connected with the government by getting the latest updates from the chatbot. The updates can be in the form of news or videos. Under the latest news option, the chatbot will show you a variety of articles on Facebook Messenger. If you like any of the news articles, you can hit subscribe and the chatbot will send similar news articles on a daily basis. If you want to read the news article, you can either go to the website or view it on Facebook Messenger itself. If you choose to view the article in Facebook Messenger, the chatbot will give it to you in parts, with an audio clip for each section.

You can also check out videos related to the government on Facebook Messenger. The chatbot will suggest different videos that you can watch on YouTube. For example, some of the videos suggested by the chatbot were transforming preschool education, changes in education to better prepare kids for the future and learning to play.

You can use the chatbot to find information regarding services, organizations and links. You can either go through the government directory or ask the chatbot questions. If you want to ask a question, the chatbot will ask you to pick from the following:

  • HDB eligibility
  • Work permit
  • Tourist visa
  • Starting a business
  • Study here
  • About CPF
  • Report area problems
  • Policy feedback
  • Singpass
  • eService

You also have the option of asking the chatbot any other question regarding the government. For example, if you select ‘study here,’ the chatbot will show links where you can find more information regarding studying in Singapore. The chatbot will also give links to Singaporean Universities that offer a myriad of courses.

If you wish to find information from the government directory, the chatbot will find out if you are looking for an eService, Public Officer or an organization. If you choose organization, the chatbot will find out if you want to search for a particular person in an organization. You can also choose from the following:

  • MHA
  • Parliament
  • MOE
  • MOM
  • MOH
  • PMO
  • MCI
  • LTA
  • MOF
  • MND
  • MTI
  • MFA
  • SPF
  • MSF
  • HDB
  • ICA
  • CPF

Let’s say you select MINDEF, the chatbot will give you the full form of the abbreviation, the link to their website, their email address, phone number and address. At the bottom of this information, you can also look for ‘related eServices’ with the help of this chatbot.

If you think the chatbot needs improvement, you can send feedback to the developers. You can also subscribe to the chatbot and get the latest news every day.

The chatbot will give you the latest government announcements. To do so, you need to choose ‘Press Center’ from the main menu. The chatbot will display the latest press releases on Facebook Messenger. If you wish to view these press releases, the chatbot will redirect you to the actual website.

Last but not the least, you can select ‘Explore Singapore’ from the main menu. Under this, you have the following options:

  • Current affairs
  • SG Experiences

If you select current affairs, the chatbot will ask you to pick from the following:

  • Elected president
  • Budget 2017
  • Future economy
  • Retirement guide
  • Zika virus

For example, if you select Budget 2017, the chatbot will give you a link where you check it out.

Under the SG Experiences option, the chatbot will ask you to if you would like to do the following:

  • Local events
  • See and do
  • Eat and drink
  • Shopping

If you pick ‘Eat and Drink,’ the chatbot will suggest places that are popular eateries in Singapore.


Overall, the is a great chatbot on Facebook Messenger. It is easy to use and doesn’t have any problems. The chatbot provides all the necessary information in a couple of clicks. You can even report problems to the government through your smartphone.

Here is a link to the chatbot’s page on Facebook!

Do check out the chatbot on Facebook Messenger!

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