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With small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) being the backbone of Singapore’s economy, the government has made a lot of grants available to them. Grants are extremely important for SMEs, as it helps them immensely.  However, each grant is different, as they come with a variety of conditions. On top of that, SMEs need to find the right one so that they can make the most of it.


As you can imagine, if you are running a business, going through numerous articles and digesting the information in them is a long and tiring process. Also, most business owners don’t have the time or luxury to do this on a regular basis. Grant Uncle aims to solve this problem, by making it convenient for all business owners to know about the government grants. How will Grant Uncle fare when we test its features in real time?




Grant Uncle is only available on Facebook Messenger at the moment. As soon as you find this chatbot on Facebook Messenger’s Discover tab, you have to click on “Get Started.” To activate this chatbot, you will need to type any message in the chatbox. For example, if you say “hello,” the chatbot will introduce itself. One great aspect about this chatbot is that it talks like a Singaporean, making it easy to understand.


The chatbot will ask you to pick from the following options:


  • Explain the grants
  • I want to claim something
  • Schedule an appointment


When you select “Explain the grants,” the chatbot will inform you that it knows about the following types:


  • Local Grants
  • Overseas Project Grants


Let’s say that you want to know more about local grants. Upon selecting this option, the chatbot will tell you that there are many local grants which will help businesses. Some of the grants displayed by the chatbot are:


  • Capability Development Grant (CDG)
  • Innovation & Capabilities Voucher (ICV)
  • Productivity & Innovation Credit Scheme (PIC)
  • P-max Place-and-Train Programme (PMax)
  • Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP)
  • WorkPro


Each category has two options, one which explains the grant, while the other one helps you claim it. For example, when you select, Capability Development Grant (CDG), the chatbot will display an image of this grant. The image shows the different types of project that can avail this grant. At the same time, the image also shows the amount of money the business will get when they opt for this grant. The chatbot will also help you by giving all the possible information you need for the grant. You can check the eligibility criteria, in-depth information, examples, and official link for this grant. When you select eligibility for CDG, the chatbot will ask you a series of questions, to determine if you can avail this grant. For example, the chatbot will inquire whether your company is operating and registered in Singapore. The chatbot will also ask other questions, such as the percentage of local shareholding, annual sales turnover and the number of employees in the company. Based on your answers, the chatbot will inform you whether you are eligible or not for CDG.


If you do qualify for the grant, you can apply for it through the chatbot. The chatbot will ask a series of questions to determine that you know everything about the grant. Upon answering the questions, the chatbot will ask you if you would like to contact its manager or schedule an appointment. In case you haven’t gone through all the details of the grant, the chatbot has a “find out more” option. You can also go back to the main menu to find out about all the other grants. If you wish to schedule an appointment, you will need to provide your email id. Also, if you wish to get in touch with the manager, the chatbot will give you all the important information such as contact number, email id, and website address.

When you select, “I want to claim something,” the chatbot will ask you to pick from the following:


  • IT Related
  • Training
  • Consultancy
  • Intellectual Property
  • Machinery


If you select “IT  Related,” the chatbot will ask if its custom solutions, off-shelf solutions, or digital marketing. Based on what you select, the chatbot will show you the appropriate grants.




Overall, Grant Uncle is a great chatbot that gets the job done immediately. The chatbot provides images to help you understand the details of the grant. The chatbot will also provide additional details for all the grants. On top of that, you can check the eligibility of your company for the grant. All the features of the chatbot work as expected, with zero errors. You can also schedule an appointment with the manager so that you can go ahead and avail the grant. The chatbot provides examples for the grant so that you can understand it properly.


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