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Growbot Review

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If you’re looking for a bot which will increase the number of quality leads with minimum time spent on the process, GrowBot is the answer. Growbot not only generates a high volume of leads to proliferate a growing business but also successfully converts these into sales. When a Growbot is in place, the company no longer needs to dedicate time in discovering and searching for leads, sending out emails and following them up. Through this system, all these prerequisites are automated. Time saved can be re-channeled towards the overall growth of the company.

Also, Growbot generates a list of relevant prospects which meet all the requirements of a given business in under a minute. Everything from sending out emails to composing personal greetings and maintaining a timed follow-up system is automated.

Features of Growbot

The features of Growbot include:

  • 10% rate of bounce back
  • Prospecting which is targeted
  • Generation of contact list in minimum time
  • Extensive access to database
  • Detection of time zone
  • Detection of replies
  • Fields which can be customised
  • Follow-ups which are unlimited
  • Integration of emails
  • Segmentation
  • Rescheduling which can be performed off site
  • A/B Testing
  • Sharing of knowledge
  • Integration of CRM
  • Roles of user
  • Team member rewarding system

Benefits of GrowBot

The neural network of Growbots is made of over 200 million influencers and decision makers coupled with integrated information extracted from multiple sources of data. Working with such a vast database ensures that the response received from Growbot is accurate and meets the specifications of the company. Lead targeting becomes the least of the company’s concern. All channels of the workflow are streamlined to end in leads with the highest quality and maximum conversion rate.

Maintenance and initiation of contacts become automated with Growbot. All it takes is a few clicks to deploy relevant emails to selected customers to build an initial contact. Additionally, automated response system ensures that the communication channel between the consumer and the company is glitch-free. Growbot system is also equipped with exemplary outreach features like detection of time zones, endless follow-ups and the detection of reply.

For those who wish to test the effectiveness of Growbot, they can do so by performing an extensive A/B type of testing to assess the results in terms of selected campaigns.

Technical details

 Growbot supports all web-based applications, Mac and Windows-based devices. The pricing is tailored to the company’s requirements. Languages supported include all International languages apart from Canada, UK and USA. Growbot can be scaled down to fit a small business model or expanded for a large enterprise. Deployment of Growbot is cloud based.

User satisfaction

Every time a lead management software is released, it is important to assess its real-time customer satisfaction and consider expert reviews. Growbot has an added feature of customer satisfaction algorithm which collects all reviews published by customers and all the comments available on social media platforms. Representation of this data is direct as a comparison of positive and negative feedback. This information assists the user to make an informed choice of the product.

From the initial comparative tests, it is evident that Growbot outperforms its competitors in terms of selecting the most appropriate partner. All processes are automated with a vast selection of DIY processes. Customer service is excellent and prompt. A key benefit offered by the implementation of Growbot is the scale-up of core tiers. Setting up meetings with top level players also becomes simplified. Everyone from the core team in the headquarters to the brand manager can be contacted. Also, Growbot listens and encourages team appreciation adding positive reactions.


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