GrowthBot Review

GrowthBot Review

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Dharmesh Shah, CTO, and Co-Founder of HubSpot, believes that chatbots are going to be the next big thing in technological innovation.

Last year, at his firm’s conference, titled INBOUND, he made it a point to highlight his own contribution to the bot revolution – GrowthBot.

About GrowthBot

Well, GrowthBot is a virtual assistant created by HubSpot. In essence, it is the digital marketer’s work buddy. The bot integrates with data sources such as Google Analytics and HubSpot to provide answers about ROI and sales metrics.

Shah believes that chatbots and machine learning will change the way we do business. To put it in his own words, the CTO believes bots will “amplify” everything that we are currently capable of doing.

We really can’t argue against the man because he’s quite right.

Bots present an infinite number of opportunities. For instance, GrowthBot has already raked in the moolah for HubSpot. Just a little later after its release, HubSpot saw 3rd quarter earnings touch $70.6 million; a 48% boost compared to earnings within the same quarter in 2015. Even their operating loss went down by $3.3 million, bringing the current figure down to around $10 million.


According to Shah, GrowthBot will leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to support HubSpot’s current offerings such as its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Sales and marketing professionals will be able to ask relevant questions and in return, receive data and actionable insights as answers.

GrowthBot is connected to several smart business systems, which allows it to assist users in finding information or data related to sales, promotion, and marketing. In fact, it even entertains certain unrelated topics.

When operating GrowthBot, you will be asked to provide a hint or select a random example to help you figure out how the chatbot actually works If you select an example, the bot will reply with articles on the chosen topic.

On the other hand, if you provide a hint, you’ll be provided with several commands prompting you to explore further. The command categories typically included examples related to General Info, Marketing, and Analytics. The objective here is to show users what words or terms are likely to get the best results.

The better the queries are worded, the more relevant the answers tend to be.

The information provided in return is often substantial. The only thing that users are expected to do is prepare an ideal request.

Further updates to GrowthBot have allowed it to provide a few extra functionalities as well. It can now offer information on the pay-per-click keywords a company is purchasing and answer queries about top sales/marketing products.


One of the first things users are bound to notice is that GrowthBot can be a little complicated. In fact, the realization can be very stark for those who are used to simpler chatbots. So, users will require some time to get comfortable with GrowthBot.

After all, it is a bot aimed at the professional marketer.

On the whole, the bot is good, but, not perfect. There are chances that you will end up with unanswered queries. But, this is will likely be due to your own starting troubles with framing requests properly. Things will get better as you keep using it.

Also, the bot is being worked on and updated by the developer on a fairly regular basis and this is bound to continue for as long as possible.

So, it would be safe to assume that GrowthBot offers a ton of potential and will likely lead the way for other business chatbots in the near future.


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