HealthTap Chatbot Review

HealthTap Chatbot Review

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When you experience certain symptoms, the first thing you will do is search for it online, to see if you can identify its cause. However, your attempt was unsuccessful, as the internet gives you multiple results, which are different from one another. In this situation, you want access to a reliable source of information.

Also, you want to speak to a real doctor, who will give you all the details you need. Enter HealthTap, a chatbot aimed to resolve all these problems by being a trustworthy source of medical information. When interacting with the bot, you can ask a myriad of questions, and it will give you the right answers. At the same time, you can get responses from real doctors. According to the developers, the chatbot has more than 4.8 billions answers available at its disposal.

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All of this sounds great on paper, but how do its features translate into real life?


To obtain access to the chatbot, you need to download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. For this review, we decided to test out the Android version, to see how it fares. You need to create an account with HealthTap, to start using its features in the mobile app. The process is straightforward, as the application doesn’t ask unnecessary information.

When you select “Assess my symptoms,” the chatbot will ask you whether you are experiencing it or someone else. If it is another person, the bot wants to know its relation to you, such as brother, sister, mother, father, and patient.

Once you enter the personal details, such as name and age, you will have to select where you are experiencing the symptoms. You can search for it or tap on the image of a human body to show where you are experiencing the problems. The bot allows you to zoom in on the picture so that you can select the right part.

You need to enter all the symptoms you are experiencing before the chatbot starts asking the next set of questions. HealthTap will want to find out other details, such as when you suffer from the problems. The bot goes into greater detail for various symptoms related to your health. For example, when you select a headache, the chatbot will ask you which region is experiencing this problem.

Once the chatbot has all the information, it will take a couple of seconds to assess your medical condition. The bot will show you all the possible diseases, along with how many people are experiencing the same symptoms.

The chatbot displays all the information in cards so that it is easier to digest all the details. You can tap on the disease, and the chatbot will show the standard indicators. You can add them to your list of symptoms if you experience them in the future. At the same time, the bot saves the information in the “Symptoms Assessment List.”

When selecting the problems you are experiencing, you don’t only have to tap on the icons. You have the option of swiping to the right or left, to say yes or no.

If you want to know more about the disease, you have to select “See Care Options,” which will appear at the bottom of the app. You have the option of talking to a real doctor, via chat, voice, or video. Similarly, you can ask questions and receive personalized answers from thousands of doctors, who are a part of this network. At the same time, you can obtain all the information you need about the disease. For example, you can know the type of treatments available, along with what you need to do to combat this health problem. While scrolling through this portion of the app, you will come across questions answered by the doctors.

If you want personal care, you have the option of talking to a healthcare professional. The bot will ask you to select from a myriad of doctors, along with how you can talk to them. Also, it gives you the rates for getting in touch with these medical professionals.

To exit the conversation, you need to inform the chatbot that you wish to bring an end to this discussion. After every interaction, you can rate it, so that the developers can continue to improve the chatbot.


If you are looking for a medical chatbot which provides trustworthy information, HealthTap would be it. The bot has access to a plethora of data, which allows it to provide details on various conditions. At the same time, you can get in touch with the network of doctors, either for free or for a price. Also, you can ask a question and get answers from medical professionals. As the chatbot is responsive, you will get a reply instantly.

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