Hi Poncho Chatbot Review

Hi Poncho Chatbot Review

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Hi Poncho is a weather chatbot available on Facebook Messenger, Kik and Viber. The bot was developed to provide weather updates to its users in a fun and timely manner. Is there more to the bot than meets the eye? Let’s find out.


On opening Hi Poncho in messaging apps, you are greeted with a message which tells you what the bot can do. It will ask you to share your location details to provide weather updates. Once it has your location, it will ask you to select appropriate times in the morning and evening for daily forecasts. If you have no idea what a forecast is, you can ask the bot about it. It will also ask you if you go for a run every morning. If you say yes, every night at 8 p.m, you will get the weather forecast for the next day. When asking for help, the bot will provide a screenshot to give you an idea of what you can expect from it.

After the short introduction, it will give you examples of commands it understands. For example, if you ask the bot whether you need an umbrella today, it will tell you if it is going to rain. You can get the daily forecast by typing forecast. You have the option of getting the forecast for five consecutive days by typing “5-day forecast.” If you want additional details about the weather for the day, all you have to do is type in weather details. You will get a message about the current conditions, humidity, dew, pressure, wind speed, and time for sunrise and sunset. If you are a person who wants to know how the weather will affect your hair, you can ask it for a “hair forecast.” It will give the details about the frizz in your location.

However, the bot is not only for weather updates. You can play a few fun games with the chatbot. To get started, you have to type “games” in the chat. The bot will give you Cat Libs, Would you rather, and Tell me a joke! If you select cat libs, you have to select the theme for the game from the options provided by the bot. As of now, you can choose from doctor’s visit, vacay, and hot goss. Basically, the chatbot will ask you for a few words and make up a funny story based on them. For would you rather, the bot will ask you to pick between two options. After you picked one, it will crack a pun based on it. If you type Tell me a joke! the chatbot will try to tickle your funny bone with its humor.

The chatbot also has a “Let’s just talk” option where you can pick between Let’s talk cinema, I need dating advice and Ah! I’m hangry. For Let’s talk cinema, the bot will tell you about a movie it watched recently. In I need dating advice, the chatbot will give you funny tips. If you select Ah! I’m hangry, it will ask you to pick between order takeout and make a recipe. By selecting order takeout, the bot will enquire about the type of cuisine you want to eat. After picking the cuisine, the chatbot will tell you that it’s hungry and disappear. By choosing to make a recipe, the bot will give you three options for making food.


All in all, Hi Poncho Chatbot is excellent. It responds to natural language and keywords. You can easily follow the conversation and the chatbot will provide answers that are quirky and informational. Unlike other chatbots, Hi Poncho will only message when it has to provide the weather update. Why don’t you give Hi Poncho a try on Facebook Messenger or Kik or Viber? You won’t be disappointed as the bot is extremely helpful.

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