Hmlet Chatbot Review

Hmlet Chatbot Review

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Finding Yourself Rental Housing in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Japan Just Got All the More Easier with the Hmlet Chatbot!

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Website personalization is the hottest contemporary marketing trend, and why shouldn’t it be? Effective website personalization maximizes your customer engagement, provides remarkable customer experience, helps boost customer loyalty and retention, and even has the potential to boost sales for your business. One of the best ways to personalize your website viewing experience for visitors is to integrate an AI chatbot in it, and that’s exactly what Hmlet has done.

What is Hmlet?

Hmlet is a home-rental service provider operating in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and Tokyo. It also helps home-owners lease out their properties for rent. The web page allows you to browse through a variety of rooms and apartments and choose one that appeals to you. Hmlet offers co-living spaces, regular and master bedrooms for rent. It also provides studio, one-bedder, two-bedder and three-bedder apartments for those who need the extra space. Homes made available on Hmlet generally have several facilities such as weekly cleaning, regular maintenance, washer, ait-conditioning, full kitchen, and high-speed wi-fi, to name a few. You can specify the time duration for your intended stay and Hmlet will find you the properties available during that time period.

Hmlet has recently added an AI chatbot to their website to make searching for your rental home on it, all the more easier. When you visit Hmlet’s official website, the chatbot opens up a chatbox greeting you. It asks for you to specify your needs and requirements from a rental home and then redirects you to properties you might be interested in, according to the inputs you’ve fed it.

Improved Lead Generation

Hmlet‘s scattered marketing efforts and paid advertising were costing it a lot of money, failing to provide it with the desired results. Hmlet’s marketing team was observing that users were visiting the Hmlet website but getting distracted or losing interest and only revisiting months later. However, once Hmlet built an optimized chatbot experience to offer its potential customers, it experienced a noted increase in the volume of leads it was able to generate.

Hmlet’s AI Chatbot was integrated into its market automation tool – Salesforce. The bot’s conversation flow was mapped out by paying careful attention to available website user data and Hmlet’s own business objectives.

More Satisfactory User Experience

Hmlet’s AI chatbot essentially helps save visiting customers a lot of time they’d otherwise have spent browsing the web page. We all know how important time is, in today’s day and age, and not having smart tech optimize this website browsing experience was leading to poor UX for Hmlet.

Hmlet’s chatbot was devised to simplify the rental booking process for Hmlet users by extending them valuable and relevant information. It was designed in a way that it would understand the user’s pain points and then address them categorically, enabling a speedy solution. It would also offer users instantaneous conversational support, educate them, and point them to website content on Hmlet that they’d appreciate.

Simply introducing a chatbot to the Hmlet website helped Asia’s fastest growing co-living company triple their lead generation. The company, founded in Singapore in 2016, profited immensely from Brew Interactive’s chatbot development, keeping with its vision.

Find Your Way to a Safe and Secure Home Now in Moments

When you use the Hmlet AI chatbot, you are made available comfortable, communal, flexible and connected rental housing options, according to your specified preferences. The co-living spaces hosted on Hmlet prioritize community. You will never feel like you’re living with co-tenant. Instead, it will be like living with the members of a family. Hmlet enables frequent community-building efforts via its monthly events that it makes accessible to its members. Think book clubs, yoga classes and cocktail evenings.

You can find your way to safe, secure housing at affordable prices with the Hmlet AI chatbot. There’s no need to pay a rental agent to search convenient rental spaces for you anymore. The Asian cities that Hmlet is operational in, record some of the highest rents. Finding a rental apartment to suit your budget could be a struggle – but not with Hmlet. No, specify your rental budget to the Hmlet AI bot and it will throw up search results of rental properties that fit what you’re looking for. It curates properties for every budget requirement and you will never have to burn a hole into your pocket to find appropriate housing in these cities anymore.

Home-listers on Hmlet welcome the new AI chatbot tech introduction too. Their homes can now be discovered more easily by renters looking for homes to rent.


Hmlet’s AI Chatbot gains story is only one among the many out of businesses who have benefited from incorporating AI optimization in the form of chatbots to their website. You can also boost your business lead generation and profitmaking by having an AI chatbot designed for your business website. Reach out to Singapore Chatbots for effective and affordable AI chatbot development solutions.

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