HoverPin Chatbot Review

HoverPin Chatbot Review

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HoverPin is a travel chatbot designed to help you discover extraordinary events, people, and places. It scours the internet in search of things that are not shown in regular apps. Will the chatbot live up to your expectations or is it just another chatbot? Let’s take a look.


To activate the chatbot, you have to type in or select the keyword Get Started. The chatbot will introduce itself and tell you what it is capable of doing. It will ask you to give a location so that it can suggest things to do in that particular city. Based on the location you send, the chatbot will give you the current weather report for that city. For example, if you say, New York, the chatbot will tell you the current temperature and additional details such as its misty, cloudy, and sunny to name a few.

Once you’ve provided the chatbot your location, it will suggest the following things.

  • Surprise Me

On selecting this option, the chatbot will send a GIF, asking you to wait while it finds things to do in the city you selected. The chatbot will suggest 10 things you can do in any given city. For example, if you tell the chatbot you are in New York at the moment, it will tell you to visit Chinatown Ice Cream Factory or the Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum or it will give you information about SS Morro Castle Disaster.

  • Events

If you choose events, the chatbot will find over 100 events and display 10 of them at a time. Each event can be viewed on the map to see where exactly it will be taking place. The majority of the events suggested by the chatbot are out-of-the-ordinary. For example, in New York, the chatbot suggested Angelo Y Su Conjunto Modelo, Bumble Hive Weekend 2, and Summer Tippler.

  • Food

For this option, the chatbot will give you its selection of 10 sites which will give you the listings and reviews for various restaurants. Upon clicking any of the links, the chatbot will display the best restaurants from various sites. London Street Foodie, Zomato, National Farmers Market Directory, are a few sites suggested by the chatbot for New York.

  • Culture

For culture, the chatbot will find at least 20 sites which will give you details about cultural activities you can explore in a given city. Each site has its own cultural activity which is displayed by the chatbot. For example, if you say New York and ask it to show UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the chatbot will show Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall, Rideau Canal and more.

  • Social

If you select social, the chatbot will ask you to pick between Flickr and Twitter. The chatbot will show you places that are publicly posted on either of the two sites. The chatbot will explore different posts and display at least 30 places. Each place can be viewed on their respective sites and it can also be viewed on the map to get its exact location.

  • Fitness

For fitness, the chatbot will tell you different cycling and running routes. You will also get to know about Kiteboarding spots if any for the location you provided. For example, the chatbot will display MapMyRide, Bike Sharing Map, Strava, and Kiteboarding spots for New York.

‘Outdoors’ and ‘Accommodation’ are two more options provided by HoverPin.


All in all, HoverPin is a feature-rich travel chatbot. Based on the location, the chatbot will suggest different restaurants, places to drink and mingle with the locals, exciting events to go for, and cultural sites. However, the chatbot doesn’t understand natural language.

Do give HoverPin Chatbot a try of Facebook Messenger. You will get to know about a lot of events that aren’t suggested by most websites!

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