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With more and more people applying for jobs each day, it’s becoming imperative for companies’ Human Resource departments to streamline their recruitment process and address recruitment problems effectively. The chatbot,, does just that.


What is has been developed by a Singapore based start – up specifically for recruiters and has managed to raise US $1.2 million in its seed round. With 15 clients processing job applications every day, it’s quickly gaining popularity as a chatbot that can aid the recruitment process. automates the recruitment workflow as much as possible by evaluating and shortlisting job applicants, conducting screening interviews via text, as well as responding to queries raised by applicants so that you can find the right person for the job more quickly.


The technology can easily be integrated into client workflows in just four to six weeks based on the number of integrations required and chatbot complexity to deal with high-volume recruitment needs.


What’s so special about it?


Several recruitment chatbots exist, but sets itself apart from the rest in many ways. With, users have the opportunity to develop their own chatbots for different job positions, offering greater flexibility and a more customised solution for users. aims to make the use of its chatbots more suitable in Asian countries by releasing it in Asian languages like Japanese and Mandarin.


With, users can do a lot more than just screen interviews. The chatbot makes it possible to conduct deeper interviews with the objective of being able to gauge candidates’ competency for various jobs.


Both inbound (applications sent in by candidates for a listed job) and outbound hiring (recruiters on the lookout for candidates) can be done using On – premise / private cloud implementations of the technology are possible thanks to internally developed AI algorithms.


Complete interview integration


By connecting with ATS, psychometric assessment tools, video interviewing tools, modules, and gamification platforms, you can benefit from a more interactive interview process. Video interviewing of candidates is followed up with a decision about whether or not they should move on to the next round.


Post interview support for candidates is also offered as the chatbot communicates the applicant’s status to them and can instruct them on the next step that needs to be taken. With, candidates’ queries during interviews can be answered instantly, and their responses to questions raised in conversation can be analysed.


Assessment of competency evaluates the competency of candidates on the basis of frameworks developed by I / O psychologists so that the recruitment process is more structured and targeted to suit the specific job role. Even situational questions relating to the job context can be given that help to make judgements about candidates through an evaluation of responses given by candidates.


Evaluation of skills


With, detailed assessment of a candidate’s skills can be made through solutions developed by professionals from the industry. By evaluating the skillset of candidates, sound recruitment decisions can be made regarding candidates so that the person with the skills needed to succeed in performing the job may be hired.


Recruitment metrics


The deployment prioritises crucial deployment metrics and has been based on SEEDERS framework, developed with industry professionals as well as clients.


Meaningful engagement with candidates


Natural Language Processing (NLP) makes it possible to have meaningful conversions with candidates and create a smooth interview through the deep learning model. An evaluation of the results from interviews is also possible through the use of a model that learns from team choices.


You can plug in the platform and start engaging with applicants through your website, job boards, or even LinkedIn. Get the profiles of candidates who have been shortlisted along with their assessment scores as well as transcripts of their interview using


You can even decide the basis of candidate assessment depending on whether you want to check candidates’ technical skills, cultural fit, behavioural and cognitive skills, or competencies.


Reduction in recruitment time and better candidate experience


With an automation of the recruitment workflow tasks such as screening, interviewing and shortlisting, the overall time taken in the recruitment process is reduced and the right candidate for the job can be selected more quickly.


With the recruitment process becoming more streamlined, candidate experience is also enhanced and the company’s personnel can be freed up to perform higher value work like focusing on quality engagement of candidates.


Future outlook


Speaking to Tech in Asia, an spokesperson said that the company is managing to pull in monthly recurring revenue of US$22,000 on average, with the numbers growing each month by about 20%. Large enterprises are charged upwards from US$1,800 a month.


Affordable packages are being explored for small and medium enterprises, along with an API for the jobs boards.


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