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Improving Relations – How Singapore Hoteliers are Using Chatbots to Enhance Guest Experiences

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The 21st Century is all about active social presence online. Messaging through various platforms are seen as the language of today where hashtags and emoticons rule the lingua landscape. It is disconcerting to learn that technology is both praised and blamed for the innovations and conveniences it makes possible. Recently technology has borne the brunt of choking human interaction, particularly the beauty of conversation.

However, it comes as no surprise that popular online businesses or platforms have always been chat-centric. Right from MSN messenger, Facebook, Twitter to the very many mobile message applications, people have been constantly sharing views, opinion, thoughts, and feelings.

Intelligent messengers

Having made a larger than virtual life comeback, message applications are the go-to form of communication today, more commonly used than a voice call even. Capitalising on this largely information hungry platform are chatbots, intelligent computer software systems designed to deliver concise and helpful feeds to customers all over the world.

Quickly becoming travel and hospitality industry’s number one choice in personalised customer service, chatbot development in Singapore has become more the norm than the exception. Reworking the rule book on what makes for great, instant, and distinctive customer service, chatbots are an innovative strain of type based virtual concierge that help guests better manage their stay and travel.

Quick, smart and efficient

Customer care has never been more meaningful and catered than with the intuitive data processes that run chatbots. Based on a system that uses machine learning, chatbots fine tune information gathered and then recommend activities and offers that appeal to the interests of the guests.

Chatbots take all parameters into consideration, from location to needs and preferences, based on which it guides the customers to plan a tailor-made travel stay. Customers can choose anything from shopping expeditions to trekking adventures they would like to indulge in on their holiday. Always guiding and prompting guests with helpful information, chatbots are readily available at the swipe and tap on the screen.

Create unforgettable experiences

Several Chatbots can be further programmed to deliver a memorable holiday or stay. Personalised customer care is essential to create relevant and rewarding customer relationships. Enabled to streamline data collected through customer transactions, Chatbots can anticipate and predict spending habits, cuisine preferences, favoured retail choices, and the like.

Knowing their wants are wonderfully met at your fine establishment is luring incentive to have patrons return frequently.

Effective problem solving

A major component of impressive customer care, problem-solving has always been a top requirement in hospitality. Chatbots are well equipped to find the best and most efficient solution to any possible issue or complaint. Available 24×7, chatbots can tend to several varying customer issues at the same time while delivering impeccable service. No need to compromise on the quality of service with an ever reliable and dependable customer service solutions program.

The best personal assistant

Going the extra mile is the exclusive care delivered to guests who wish to have things handled. Excellent personal assistant, chatbots can walk guests through all aspects of planning a travel trip, from booking a taxi to the airport, to ordering favourite meals, and even providing news and information about the location visited.

Given the gamut of interfaces and programs available, choosing the perfect chatbot for your hospitality enterprise can seem like a daunting challenge. Limitless possibilities await you that guarantee improved customer services through various experiences. Chatbots are designed to make the life of the hotelier easier and more meaningful by allowing you the ability to make a marked difference and a positive impact on your guests.

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