Inspora Chatbot Review

Inspora Chatbot Review

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When it comes to being stylish every day, the whole process tends to be challenging. You stand in front of a mirror or your wardrobe and wonder what will look good on you today. Facing this dilemma isn’t good, as it causes a lot of discomfort and stress. Also, the outfit you choose with a clouded mind, won’t be a good fit for your style and character.


If you find yourself in this situation, there is a chatbot ready to help you out. Known as Inspora, it is a stylist, which makes it easy to get ready for any occasion. The chatbot uses artificial intelligence, along with expert knowledge from fashion stylists to give you the best results. According to the developer of this chatbot, every conversation is useful, as it learns more about your preferences in the world of fashion.


It is important to note that you won’t be able to buy clothes from the chatbot. Instead, the chatbot gives you ideas on how you can use the clothes to come up with innovative outfits. Without further ado, let’s dive in to find out what Inspora has to differentiate itself from other chatbots.




As the purpose of the chatbot is to help consumers all around the world, the developer made it available on Facebook Messenger, a popular messaging platform. Thanks to this decision, you can get in touch with the chatbot at any time of the day.


After opening the link to the chatbot on Facebook Messenger, you have to select “Get Started,” to activate it. The chatbot will inform you that you have to agree with the privacy policy and terms of use before you can use its services.


Assuming that you are okay with terms and conditions, the chatbot will give you a small introduction about its features. In this case, Inspora will help in the creation of outfits, with existing clothes. Upon receiving this information from the chatbot, we were quite excited to see what it has in store.


Once you select “Start our journey,” Inspora will tell you that it has to share important information, before you can use its services. According to the chatbot, it can only help women at the moment. Regardless of this limitation, we went ahead to check the features of this chatbot.


The first question Inspora asks is if you are aware of the problem when you start going through your clothes. You can choose from two options – “Every time” and “Sometimes.” We chose “Every time,” to see how the chatbot responds to our answer.


The chatbot will tell you that you can use its “What to wear today” when you face this dilemma. It will ask you to pick from the following options:


  • Inspire me
  • School
  • Daily activity
  • Date
  • Party
  • Sports


Like with every other chatbot review, we decided to choose the first option, “Inspire me.” The chatbot will ask you what style of clothing you would like to wear. Even though there were a number of options, we chose “Don’t Know.” In the next question, the chatbot will find out what type of top you want to wear. In this scenario, we selected “Hoodie,” from the list of clothes. The last question it asks is about what kind of footwear suits your tastes.


After giving the answers to all these questions, the chatbot will ask you to wait, so that it can suggest outfits. When you select “Show outfits,” a popup opens, showcasing people wearing clothes you picked. The chatbot obtains its results from Instagram, and you have the liberty of visiting the profiles.

If you are happy with certain outfits, you can save them in the popup, in case you want to refer to them in the future. Also, Inspora will ask you if it can send trends, news, and tips about fashion on a regular basis.


As explained earlier, the chatbot continues to grow with every conversation. Inspora has a series of activities, which will help it personalize all the outfits it suggests. If you agree, it will ask you to select from the following activities:


  • Wardrobe
  • Style
  • Weather
  • Not my thing


If you select “Wardrobe,” the chatbot will show a popup, where you have to select from a variety of clothes. The chatbot will use this data to improve its services.




After testing out the features of Inspora, we can say with great confidence – it is quite useful. You no longer have to deal with the problem of not knowing what you have to wear before you step out. Even though the chatbot only works for women at the moment, it is extremely helpful. The chatbot has a large database, allowing it to suggest clothes which meet your preferences.


Are you finding it difficult to make up your mind every morning? Use this chatbot to get creative ideas on how to wear your clothes!


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