Jetstar's Newest Recruit, Ask Jess is a Whizz at Answering All of Your Questions

Jetstar’s Newest Recruit, Ask Jess is a Whizz at Answering All of Your Questions

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These days, it is a breeze to book plane tickets, as you can do it within the comforts of your home. Open up a browser of your choice, visit a booking aggregator, look at the prices, and reserve a seat. You can also use your smartphone to do the same, as there are countless apps which can help you book tickets.

However, when it comes to queries, it is quite challenging to get immediate responses. If you ask questions when it isn’t business hours, you have to wait for a long time, before you get a reply.

Most of the customers tend to go on Facebook to make inquiries. Jetstar, the airline service provider, recognized that there was a need to make like easier for their customers. They also found out that the number of passengers using phones to contact them directly was declining. They launched Jess, a chatbot which uses artificial intelligence to answer questions.

The bot has been operational since 2013 and helped numerous customers with their queries. According to the company, the chatbot reduced the time taken to respond to questions from 17 hours to a handful of minutes.

Let’s dive in to see whether the bot can assist us with our problems, while we test out its features.


You need to look for Jetstar Asia on Facebook, to start communicating with the chatbot. There is no information regarding how you can make the most of this bot while conversing with it.

After entering “Hi,” the chatbot responded by asking if there was anything that it can help with, such as queries regarding the airline’s service. At first, we decided to see how the bot would respond after entering “Book Ticket,” in the chat.

The bot’s reply was on point, as it informed us that we would need to get in touch with the sales team, to complete this process. According to the bot, there are two ways to get in touch with the company. One is to contact Jetstar via their phone number, which you can call on Skype. It also provides the link to the official site, where you can make a booking. At the end of the query, the bot asked us if it was able to answer the question.

Although there isn’t any guide on how to use the bot, you will get suggestions from the chatbot on how to ask queries. You can correct the bot if the question isn’t related to what you asked.

There is the option to find out how you can get your boarding pass online. The bot gives you detailed information on how you can complete this process. At the same time, it informs you that you still need to provide travel documents, if you are flying internationally.

The bot gives you a link where you get additional information on how to complete the web check-in process. You can also ask the airline company to send you an SMS of the boarding pass.

Jess, allows you to check the status of the flight. From the link suggested, you can find out if the plane will depart from the airport. If the bot is unable to help you, it will ask you for suggestions, so that it can improve its services.

When you enter “Baggage,” the bot will ask you to select from the following options:

  • Add/remove baggage
  • Baggage limits
  • Cost for baggage
  • How many items

Upon selecting “Add/remove baggage,” the bot will ask if you already booked your tickets. If you say yes, the bot will tell you what you should do in this situation. The chatbot gives in-depth information about the fees and whether you can add/remove baggage from the booking.

After entering “Booking,” you need to select from these options:

  • Change my booking
  • Resend my itinerary
  • Booking reference
  • Flight delayed/canceled

Depending on what you choose, the bot will give you appropriate answers. When you select “Resend my itinerary,” the bot will find out if you know the PNR of your ticket. Even if you don’t have this information, the chatbot will ask questions such as first name, last name, email address, and date of departure. With these details, it will obtain the itinerary and send it to you. If it is unable to assist, it will inform you to get in touch with the company for help.


Jess, Jetstar’s chatbot on Facebook Messenger, has an excellent set of features, which allows it to help customers. It can answer a variety of questions, ensuring that you get the right information. The responses are quick and detailed so that you don’t miss a thing. However, the only con is that the bot doesn’t provide a guide on what type of commands you can use to communicate with it.

If you want to try out this bot on Facebook Messenger, click here!

SingaporeChatbots reviewed Jess, Jetstar’s chatbot and it passed with flying colors!

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