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Lingavanex – Translation ChatBot Review

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These days, it has become easier for people to visit any part of the world. There are flights that connect to various places. If you want to go somewhere, you can book a ticket and leave on the same day. Technology is wonderful, as all its innovations make life easier in every way.


The only downside of traveling is that you may not know the local language. It becomes challenging to travel due to the language barrier. If all the signs are in the local language, you won’t know what they mean.


Lingavanex is a translation chatbot available on several platforms. You can get it on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, and Google Assistant. There is the option to visit the chatbot’s official website and use it.




In this review, we will be using Facebook Messenger, as this happens to be the most popular messaging platform at the moment. As it has billions of users, we believe most people will be communicating with the bot on this client.


As the chatbot is available on Facebook Messenger, you need to select “Get Started,” which you will at the bottom of the screen. After you select this option, the bot gets permission to start communicating with you.


Lingavanex gives you a brief description of what it can do to help you out. According to the bot, it can translate text and words in pictures. This is quite remarkable, given the fact that you can perform this task on Facebook Messenger.


First, you need to select the language the bot will use to communicate with you. There is a myriad of languages to select from; hence, anyone from the world can use it. According to the developers, it has support for more than 100 languages.


Lingvanex uses neural networks to translate words or text, provide definitions for words, and convert speech (voice notes) into text. You also have the option of adding this bot to a group, and it will translate the conversation.


All these features look incredible, so let’s put it to test. If you want to know how to use the chatbot, type “/help” in the chat. The bot will give you a list of commands you can use to communicate with the bot.


You can use the chatbot to keep track of the statistics for translation. For instance, it shows the number of translated characters and requests. At the same time, the bot has a limit on the characters you can use per request. According to the chatbot, the number of characters cannot exceed 1000.

If you want to change the chatbot’s language or take a look at the statistics, select “Settings” from the menu.


To use the chatbot, all you have to do is enter the text you want to convert into another language. You can copy and paste anything you find, and the bot won’t have any problem translating the content.


The chatbot is great in converting large sentences into a language of your choice. Keep in mind that you can change this at any time by going to the settings.




Once you start to use this bot, you begin to understand the power of its neural network. It is fascinating to know that the Lingvanex can translate over 100 different languages without breaking a sweat. All you need to do is enter the text you want to convert, and the bot will complete the task. You have the freedom to provide full sentences, and the bot will translate them into the language of your choice.


You can use the bot to keep track of the statistics of every conversation. There is the option to add it to a group, and it will translate the texts sent by users. If you have any problems, you can leave your feedback, so that the developer can improve the bot. You can also leave your rating so that the people who created the chatbot can know how popular it is among its users. You can change the language of communication by sending a basic command. You can look for meanings of specific words. At the same time, the bot will give you the synonyms and alternate translations for them.


It comes with an example feature, where you get appropriate translations, depending on the context of the situation. If you want to know how a specific word sounds in a different language, the bot has a command which can help you.


However, the downside is that the bot may not understand all the commands. In certain situations, some of the features of the Chabot don’t function. Fortunately, there are always ways to change the direction of the conversation.


If you want to try out this chatbot to translate sentences or words, check out the links highlighted below.


Facebook –


Facebook Messenger –


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