Lysa ChatBot Review

Lysa Bot Review

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Lysa Bot is a health and fitness, food and drink chatbot available on Facebook Messenger. The chatbot will help you eat healthier and achieve all your well-being goals. Will the chatbot live up to our expectations? Let’s find out!


As the chatbot uses Facebook Messenger as its platform, you need to select “get started” to activate the chatbot. Once you activate the chatbot on Facebook Messenger, the chatbot will ask you for your name. After the chatbot has your details, it will tell you about its capabilities. The chatbot will ask you if you want to eat healthier and achieve all your health goals.

For starters, if you want to eat healthier, the chatbot is willing to help you out. You can ask the chatbot for nutrition tips. You can also ask the chatbot to keep track of what you eat every single day. If you want to keep a log of what you eat, the chatbot will ask you what you ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can check out the log to get a better idea of your daily meals. The chatbot breaks the meal down according to calories, sodium, carbs, fat, and protein. You can take a look at the journal to know how much of these nutrients you consume on a regular basis. Unlike other fitness chatbots, Lysa won’t redirect you to another webpage to view the journal. You can take a look at the journal on Facebook Messenger itself.

One of the greatest things about Lysa Bot is that it won’t ask you to follow a diet. Its idea is to get you to eat healthy without placing any restrictions on what you can eat and what you can’t.

Lysa Bot keeps learning from your behavior so that it can suggest nutrition tips that are valid and useful. Every time you chat with the chatbot, it will learn something new about you. Over time, the chatbot will know more about your tastes, lifestyle, goals, and physiology. However, you have to tell these things to the chatbot.

Once the chatbot has information regarding how you eat and live, the chatbot will start suggesting nutrition tips according to your requirements. These custom nutrition tips come from the knowledge of health technologists, dietitians, and nutrition experts who have an immense amount of knowledge in their respective fields. You can trust this information completely as the reasoning behind its working is sound and legitimate. Thanks to the chatbot, you no longer have to go through various online forums about health to figure out what will work for you and what won’t. You also have the option of asking the chatbot questions on nutrition. You can ask anything ranging from if you have to take vitamin supplements to how much sugar you have to consume in a day. For example, if you ask the chatbot whether you need vitamin supplements, the chatbot will tell you that it isn’t necessary if you eat a balanced diet. However, as we are not getting enough Vitamin D, the chatbot will suggest sources where you can get this vital nutrient. Another great feature about the chatbot is that it differentiates between a vegan and normal diet. The chatbot will suggest nutrition tips to both vegans and non-vegans.

Another great thing about this chatbot is that the developers included natural language processing. As a result of this, the chatbot can understand anything and everything you type on Facebook Messenger. Natural language processing makes it fun and easy to talk to Lysa Bot. Talking to the chatbot is like conversing with your friend. The conversation is free-flowing and quick. Natural language processing makes it easier for the chatbot to log your meals. You can tell it exactly what you ate and the chatbot will record it. For example, you can tell the chatbot that you ate five bananas, two apples and half a kilo of chicken for lunch. The chatbot won’t have any problems in understanding what you had for lunch. On top of that, the chatbot will send you gifs every time you achieve your health goals. It will also send a gif when your meal is healthy.


All in all, Lysa Bot is a very good health and fitness, food and drink chatbot on Facebook Messenger. It has all the important features that make it useful. The chatbot can help you achieve your health goals by keeping track of what you eat every day. At the same time, the chatbot will keep learning about you so that it can provide better tips about nutrition. You can also ask the chatbot questions regarding nutrition. Last but not the least, the chatbot has natural language processing.

Do give this chatbot a shot on Facebook Messenger!

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