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Make Your Chatbot Easily Recognisable with these Simple Steps

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Okay, so you have developed a unique service chatbot catered to your hospitality business. Step one complete. Now rests the demanding task of putting it out there, getting it noticed or making it discoverable.

Making people notice your chatbot isn’t too different from getting more people onto your mobile app or create heavier web traffic. If approached methodically and with determination, your chatbot is certain to pull more people towards your business.

Chatbot development in Singapore is on the verge of immense expansion. A great way to get your chatbot noticed and used is to go through necessary requisites. For instance, let’s say you’ve developed a travel bot for your hotel. You need:

  • People who like travelling or need to travel for work
  • People who know how to use a chatbot or are keen on using bots
  • An existing platform that helps showcase your chatbot


Although it might seem the most obvious point to consider, it is surprisingly the most neglected. Identifying your target audience is highly important, it doesn’t matter how good your band is if you’re playing to the wrong crowd.


Spamming and mass messages are ways of the past and frankly quite annoying. Avoid presenting potential users with a bad first impression and refrain from using any sort of push method to get your bot noticed.

Ways to make your bot shine!

There are many strategies and techniques to make your chatbot stand apart. Here are some ways you can go about setting your chatbot in motion.

  • Piggyback on an app – Bind your bot within an app and list it on popular mobile application stores. Make it appealing by offering a unique opportunity of some sort.
  • Design a persona – Give your bot a character name like ‘Mr. Answers’ or ‘KnowBot’, this will help target users relate and visualise interactions with your product.
  • Create buzz – Release information about your bot through media sources, blogs, info outlets, and the like. List your bot’s essential information, key accomplishments, and singular advantages. Most importantly keep things real.
  • Put on a show – Mix in a bit of appeal and attract crowds by drawing attention to the amount of attention you have been receiving. Draw in traffic with traffic you have generated already. Word of mouth is the best way to get news of your product out there.
  • Tap into social media – Travel swift with the current and use it to your advantage. Make the most of the social media marketing and link your bot or website every single chance you get.
  • Think function – Many people search for bots based on function rather than its app name. Optimise landing pages in such a way to populate when certain keywords are entered. For instance, if the user is travelling to Singapore, they may search for a Singapore travel bot or Singapore city guide bot. Design your content accordingly to exploit maximum traffic.
  • Depend on Community – Large groups never fail. Influence power from community support groups by offering free content. Entice universities, travel aficionados, and the likes by creating free content for them. Focus on groups that are more likely to share tips, features, blogs, and news within and without their community.
  • Appeal, appeal, appeal – Without a popular appeal, you’re left in the dust. Make available functions that help your chatbot conduct more interactive and media-friendly conversations.

Apart from these handy tips, the best way to go about getting your chatbot noticed is to create a bot app. Keep your Bot afloat by creating word of mouth that makes and keeps your chatbot relevant.

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