Marina Bay Sands Singapore Chatbot Review

Marina Bay Sands Singapore Chatbot Review

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One of the biggest resorts in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands launched a chatbot on Facebook Messenger, allowing users to use its services. As Marina Bay Sands is the first Singaporean hotel to do so, it will be interesting to see what the chatbot has to offer. According to the developers, the chatbot makes it convenient for all its customers to book a room in the hotel through the messaging platform. How is the chatbot going to fare when we test out all its features? Let’s dive in to find out!




As Marina Bay Sands Singapore makes use of Facebook Messenger as its main platform, you need to activate the chatbot. Upon finding the chatbot through the “Discover” option on Facebook Messenger, you will need to click on “Get Started” at the bottom of the screen.


Even after activating the chatbot, you will be greeted by a blank screen. To get the chatbot up and going, simply type anything in the chat. It will inform you that it doesn’t have natural language processing (NLP). Due to this reason, it is unable to understand your message.


However, the chatbot displays the following options, giving you a peek at its features:


  • Explore
  • Book a stay
  • Plan my visit
  • Customer service


Let’s find out what will happen when you hit the option “Explore.” The chatbot suggests the following topics:


  • Hotel
  • The Infinity Pool
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment
  • Shoppes
  • Sands SkyPark
  • Sands Rewards LifeStyle (SRL) Membership


Under “Hotel,” it has the following options – rooms & suites, book a stay, and hotel amenities. When you select “rooms & suites,” the chatbot displays all the different types of accommodation available in the hotel such as deluxe, premier, family room, club room, and grand club room. The interesting thing is that the chatbot gives you a brief description of each room, along with its size. If you want additional details about any of the rooms, the chatbot will redirect you to the hotel’s official website. Similarly, you can find out when the rooms are free, as the chatbot takes you to a calendar. You can also take a look at the different types of suites available in the hotel. In “hotel amenities,” the chatbot shows you all the services provided by the resort, such as gift shop, bay floral, in-room dining, gym, and banyan tree spa.


For “The Infinity Pool,” you get a variety of options such as the access rules, opening hours, and gallery. Under gallery, the chatbot shows you different pictures of the infinity pool, while access rules describe all the regulations you need to follow to use this service.


Under “Restaurants,” you get to pick from the following:


  • Celebrity Chef
  • Browse All
  • Wine Promotions


When you select “Browse All,” the chatbot takes you to the Marina Bay Sands official website, where you can take a look at the restaurants. You can also find out the different types of wine promotions held in the hotel. When you select “Celebrity Chef,” it displays some of the signature restaurants in the hotel. Upon clicking any of the names, the chatbot shows a picture of the interiors. It also shows images of all the popular dishes in the restaurant. You can get to know about the opening hours, along with the dress code. Also, if you are interested, you can reserve a table, which redirects you to the restaurant’s website.


In “Entertainment,” the chatbot talks about the Digital Light Canvas, Light & Water Show, and other theatre shows taking place. Under Digital Light Canvas, it will give you a complete description of this piece. If you are interested in interacting with the canvas, the chatbot gives you all the important information, such as the total cost and how to use it properly.


The chatbot provides a “Gift Guide,” which helps you pick the best offer. You need to answer a series of questions so that the chatbot has a brief idea about your personality. It will suggest offers that suit your tastes and preferences. For example, if you spend at least $1,000 and you are an SRL member, you get a special gift from Tod’s.


On top of that, you can also get to know about SRL membership as the chatbot has plenty of information. It tells you about the different tiers and locations of the counters. If interested, you can sign up online, through the link provided by the chatbot.




Marina Bay Sands Singapore is a good chatbot that helps you know more about the hotel and its services. You can check if there are rooms available and even book them through the chatbot. The chatbot gives you an adequate amount of information about everything it has to offer, ensuring a hassle-free experience when you visit the hotel. Everything you need to know about the restaurants, such as opening hours, dress code and signature dishes are available.


If you wish to use this chatbot for booking a room in Marina Bay Sands Singapore, click here!


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