Mastermind Games Bot Review

Mastermind Games Bot Review

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Mastermind Games Bot is a game, education, and lifestyle chatbot available on Facebook Messenger. The chatbot will help you develop your mind by playing challenging games. Will the chatbot live up to our expectations? Let’s find out!


As the chatbot uses Facebook Messenger as its platform, you need to select “get started” to activate the chatbot. Once the chatbot is activated, it will introduce itself and ask you to pick a language. You can select from English, Arabic, and French.

On Mastermind Games Bot, you can play the following games:

  • Thinking
  • Signs
  • Comparisons
  • Rearrangement
  • Guess Letters
  • Filling Letters

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You may think that it is quite easy to play these games, just by looking at the titles. However, all these games are quite challenging on your mind. Due to its difficulty, you will enjoy playing these games. Before you start playing any game, the chatbot will give you general instructions about how to know whether you are close to the answer or not. In every game, you only have 10 tries before it comes to an end and gives you the answer.

You can also play an additional game on this chatbot, known as games story. The chatbot will give you a small background story before asking you to solve a puzzle. For example, the chatbot will tell you that you are inside Ali Baba’s cave. You are trying to crack the code so that you can get all the diamonds from the cave. The more codes you crack, the more diamonds you will be able to collect.

Let’s assume you want to play the thinking game on this chatbot. Mastermind Games Bot will give you a list of numbers and show symbols next to them, which may or may not indicate whether they are in the right place. For example, the chatbot will ask you to guess the code by giving you four numbers such as 954, 045, 146, and 029.

If you are playing comparison, then you have to crack the code based on greater than or lesser than feedback. In rearrangement, you have the change the order of the numbers to find the right code.

For guess the letters, you have to find out the letters of the code to win the game. Last but not the least, you need to figure out of the code by filling in the remaining letters.

Whether you were successful or not in cracking the codes, the chatbot will send you a GIF. If you think that the chatbot could do better, you can send a review to the developers. The chatbot will keep track of all your scores in different games. You can also take a look at achievements and top scores from other players as well.

As the chatbot keeps track of all the players who use its services, you can get the latest news about all games. It will give you their stats for all the games. If you want to get an idea of how to play a game, the chatbot will show you a demo clip.


All in all, Mastermind Games Bot is a good games chatbot on Facebook Messenger. There are a variety of games to choose from and all of them have different rules. The games are challenging to play and time-consuming. Even though it looks simple, these games will challenge your mind. However, the chatbot doesn’t have natural language processing. The chatbot cannot understand everything you say to it.

Do give this chatbot a shot on Facebook Messenger if you want to pass time without spending a penny!


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