Me Chatbot Review

Me Chatbot Review

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Me is a personal productivity chatbot that is available on Facebook Messenger, SMS, email, and Telegram. The chatbot can set reminders, tasks, holidays, events, and more. How will the chatbot fare against our expectations? Let’s find out!

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Like most other chatbots that are available on Facebook Messenger, you have to select “get started” to activate the chatbot. Me will introduce itself and tell you what it is capable of doing. In this case, Me is a chatbot that is designed to make sure you remember all the things that you might forget easily.

First, the chatbot will enquire about when you wake up every day. Once the chatbot has this data, it will ask you if you want to receive GIFS while it sends reminders on Facebook Messenger. Now, there are no restrictions on what you want the chatbot to remind you. For example, you can ask the chatbot to remind you to drink water. The chatbot will then find out when you would like to receive the reminder every day.

If necessary, you can modify or delete these reminders. You can share your reminders with your family and friends on Facebook Messenger. You can also ask the chatbot to suggest reminders. One of the best things about this chatbot is that it has positive and funny personality. Regardless of what kind of reminder you receive, it will always be enjoyable and funny.

Although the chatbot is mainly for reminders, the developers added additional features to improve its functionality. You can ask the chatbot to give you the current weather forecast for all locations around the world. The chatbot allows you to set weather reminders on Facebook Messenger. If necessary, you can change the location for the weather forecast. You can also change the unit of temperature on the chatbot.

You can also use the chatbot to set alarms on Facebook Messenger. However, you need to provide your phone number to the chatbot. You have the option of connecting your email account to the chatbot. When you do this, the chatbot will sync to your calendar and give you reminders, upcoming events, and daily insights on various messaging platforms. At the moment, the chatbot can only connect to Google. However, the developers will add support for other email accounts.

You can change the settings of the chatbot according to your requirements. For example, the chatbot has default values for morning, afternoon, evening and night. You can change these values according to your preferences. You have the option of setting and changing various values such as time for do not disturb, the time when you are working and more.

The chatbot is also capable of telling jokes. For example, if you ask the chatbot to tell you a joke, it will try its best to make you laugh.

The developers added natural language processing to the chatbot. As a result of this, you can talk to the chatbot as though you are talking to your friend and it will understand everything you are saying.


Overall, the chatbot is one of the best productivity chatbots available at the moment. You can set the reminders according to your requirements. You can also customize all the settings for the chatbot. The chatbot can understand everything you are saying because it has natural language processing. You can use the chatbot to set alarms and call you to wake you up. The chatbot can tell you the weather forecast for all places around the world. The chatbot is also capable of telling jokes.

Do give Me a try on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, SMS, and email!


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