Miyuki Facebook Messenger Chatbot Review

Miyuki Facebook Messenger Chatbot Review

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Why do we need chatbots, you ask? If you run a business or are a startup entrepreneur planning your business venture, you must consider investing in having your own chatbot. A chatbot can provide exemplary customer experience and give you a competitive edge over your business rivals. Imagine how thrilled your customers will be to be greeted by a chatbot when they visit your website.


Human-Chatbot interaction, unlike human-human interaction, is fast and goal-directed. If you’re in a hurry to receive answers for any queries or concerns that you might have regarding the services/products being offered by a business, you can simply chat with this bot on the service provider’s business contact page and have your questions answered. You do not need to send an e-mail to the company’s customer service team and have to wait for days before your concerns can be addressed; neither do you have to dial up the relevant business helpline number and wait for a customer service agent to answer your questions. Often, accent differences and other such constraints can elongate your customer service interactions and leave you dissatisfied.


Why not just design or have a chatbot designed for your webpage, app, or social media page? Your customers can then utilize this chatbot to meet their queries in a jiffy, without any wait time or other related common customer service complaints.


Mitsubishi Motors devised their very own car retail chatbot, Miyuki, to address customer queries, push advertorial messages and step in as a reliable pre-sales consultant. Visitors to the Mitsubishi website researching Mitsubishi vehicles can use the bot’s product recommendations and test drive advisories shared.


Mitsubishi Miyuki Addresses Maximal Consumer Queries in Minimal Downtime


Mitsubishi, self-confessedly, was struggling to meet customer queries. Especially during new launches and promotional campaigns or weekends and other holidays, the auto giant’s customer support team was drowning under incoming customer questions. Mitsubishi realized that they could have a chatbot in place to help them answer these customer questions instead. By doing so, they will no longer fail to capture the leads of curious info-seeking prospective clients. In fact, they will be able to appropriately capitalize on the density of possible incoming leads during these peak periods.


Additionally, the company will also be able to engage a brand new generation of audience who spend most of their time on social media and social messaging apps.


Miyuki was introduced to enable answering frequently asked questions by enthusiastic future customers. It would automate replies for common questions it would receive on Mitsubishi car pricing, car showroom locations, and trade-in opportunities.


Miyuki Can Even Make Mitsubishi Car Recommendations Based on Your Specified Criteria

You can use Mitsubishi’s pre-sale car retailbot to get recommended the Mitsubishi vehicles that meet your desired specifications. All you need to do is inform Miyuki of your individual preferences in a car, and Miyuki will take care of the rest. What more? Miyuki can even help you book authorized test drives of these vehicles. As a result, Mitsubishi increases its car testing conversions.


Mitsubishi Miyuki Uses Facebook Messenger to Operate


So far, Mitsubishi has used Miyuki in both online and offline media. Online, it has attempted to capture a wider audience base by using Facebook’s “Send Message” ads. Offline, the car manufacturer has innovated interactions with Miyuki further. It has used car roadshows where it has tacked unique Messenger Codes to its vehicles. Once scanned, these codes would transfer the user to a page containing detailed info on the specific car model. It would further enable these users to schedule a test-drive for the same vehicle with a suitable sales consultant. As a whole, Miyuki has also functioned to enhance the sales potential of Mitsubishi’s roadshows.


High Performing Chatbot that has Helped Mitsubishi Capture Significant Test Drive Leads


Mitsubishi Miyuki has benefited the car manufacturing company immensely. At the moment, we are aware that 91.3% of customer FAQs received by the company are being addressed by Miyuki. The chatbot has been able to showcase an impressive retention rate of 12.7%. Each customer conversation with Miyuki spans an average duration of 6:16 minutes. Out of the leads that Miyuki chatbot is able to capture for Mitsubishi, 28.9% are interested in opting to test drive a Mitsubishi vehicle. While this might not seem like a lot of gain for the company, an auto manufacturing company is most prepared to close a sales deal after a potential customer has assented to test-drive one of its vehicle offerings. So, in essence, Miyuki performs significantly to Mitsubishi’s benefit. The chatbot holds enormous promise for the future.




Companies everywhere are waking up to the possibilities for improvement in their business operations that chatbots provide. Mitsubishi has already capitalized on this possibility by introducing Miyuki, with favorable results. If you, too, wish to enjoy similar benefits for your business, you should consider having a business chatbot designed for you too. Imagine being able to considerably slash down your customer service budget but not having to compromise on the ‘lead capturing.’ Now, how wonderful would that be?


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