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Mount Elizabeth Hospital’s PAM Chatbot Review

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Wish to Search for a Health Specialist or Book an Appointment at Mount Elizabeth Hospital? Let PAM Help You!

Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore, is a prestigious medical facility that is renowned in the entire Asia Pacific region. Patients from across the region hail the hospital for its impeccable service. Mount Elizabeth Hospital receives such widespread acclaim due to its efficient pairing of cutting-edge technology with industry talent. Staffed by a team of experienced and devoted professionals and subject-matter specialists, the hospital is motivated to provide its patients with a high level of care and help them improve their overall quality of life. In Singapore, Mount Elizabeth Hospital has recently added another feature to its service offerings, conveniencing its clients a step further. PAM or Patient Assistance Manager is the latest facility to be provided by this 40-year old Singapore hospital. She is a friendly chatbot which is now available on Mount Elizabeth Hospital’s official website. We learn more about her below.


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Who is PAM?

PAM is an easy-to-use enthusiastic AI powered chatbot found on the official webpage of Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. Need help navigating the different medical services offered in the Mount Elizabeth hospital facility? Let PAM help! PAM is eager to assist you and can answer pretty much any query you could think up about the Singapore hospital.

What Can PAM Do?

PAM i.e. Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore’s AI-run chatbot can serve multiple functions, such as –

  • She can help you search for a doctor at Mount Elizabeth
  • She can fix up an appointment for you with a specialist at the hospital
  • She can provide you with valuable information regarding booking a room at the hospital facility, charges for different services and medical procedures rendered and so on.
  • She can assist you in accessing a health screening recommendation for yourself
  • Suppose she is unable to assist you for any query. In that case, she can either redirect your chat conversation to a human hospital Customer Service professional or provide you with relevant contact details of hospital authorities who can.

Where Can You Find PAM?

PAM or Patient Assistance Manager is an AI chatbot service offering by Parkway Hotels, the parent company of Mount Elizabeth Hospital Singapore. You can visit the official webpage for the Singapore hospital and find her icon on the lower right-hand side of the page at the bottom. Click on the icon to begin a conversation and start chatting with PAM.

How Can PAM Help?

We have already discussed cursorily all the ways in which PAM can assist you. Now, we take a more in-depth look at each of these.

When you click on the PAM chatbot icon at the Mount Elizabeth Hospital Singapore page, you are notified first that PAM’s advice should in no way be misconstrued as medical advice. PAM is only to be used as a general referral tool to address any forthcoming client queries about the infrastructure and facilities provided at the Singapore hospital. Only a doctor working at Mount Elizabeth Hospital Singapore is certified and experienced to provide medical guidance to patients interested in seeking advice from the hospital.

At the moment, PAM is capable of answering questions related to the following –

  • COVID-19 Updates – She can provide important Visitor and Patient advisory and inform you how you can protect yourself from Novel Coronavirus risk and supply further related information on the subject.
  • Find Doctor – PAM can help you track down doctors employed with Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore. You need to be able to either supply their name or their area of medical specialty. Alternatively, the chatbot can make suggestions as to which doctors can help cater to your health issue if you specify your area of healthcare requirement.
  • Make appointment – PAM can help you answer your queries related to or fix up medical appointments with health specialists working at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. She can either complete this task for you or provide you with the contact number for calling/WhatsApp messaging the relevant specialist.
  • Locate health screening packages – Additionally, PAM can inform you about all the health screening packages which are offered to patients at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. She can also help you book these health screening packages.

Skip Over Uncomfortable Phone-calls

Hospital phone-calls can feel awkward and uncomfortable for patients seeking treatment. Patients also find long-wait times frustrating when they’ve called in to a medical facility to enquire about their services.

Patients at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore no longer need to subject themselves to these awkward and discomfiting phone conversations. PAM takes care of all their queries and questions adequately! Mount Elizabeth Hospital’s chatbot PAM is a quick AI solution for existing and potential clients of the hospital who want to gain valuable information about and require help with making appointments at the medical facility. Now, all they have to do is start chatting with PAM on the hospital’s webpage and they can fix their appointments, health screenings and more in mere seconds! If only more hospitals and healthcare facilities began integrating such AI and bot customer solutions into their operations – we could all be free from being faced with these situations!

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