Nami Assistant Chatbot Review

Nami Assistant Chatbot Review

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As a trader, having an assistant by your side is essential to ensure all the day-to-day activities go smoothly. When you are on the move or connectivity is limited, staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the market becomes challenging. Similarly, if you are new in this industry, you need to learn the ropes of the business as quickly as possible, to be a strong competitor.

The answer to these types of problems is Nami Assistant, a chatbot which uses AI to help traders. Has the developer of this chatbot given it enough features to make it enticing to traders? Let’s find out.


Although there are numerous platforms for chatbots, the developer of Nami Assistant decided to choose Facebook Messenger. We guess this decision was made to ensure the chatbot has maximum visibility, as this platform has billions of users.

Once you open the link to this chatbot, you need to click “Get Started,” which you will find at the bottom of the screen. After you give the chatbot the necessary permissions, it will display a small menu, which shows you what you can do.

For instance, if you select “Nami’s functions,” the chatbot will redirect you to a different website where you can learn the commands. From the image, it is clear that there are free and premium features.

If you want to learn about the premium features, you need to select “Hire Nami” from the main menu. There are different types of packages, which offers a variety of features. When you click on a specific package, the chatbot will display all its features. If you like to purchase the package, the chatbot will deduct the cost from the registered account. You need to add funds to the developer’s bank account, along with your ID.

One aspect of Nami Assistant is risk management, which allows you to understand the probability of the financial market. As there are several risks, making the right decisions is essential. Nami will provide reminders, which you can use to keep yourself focused on the targets. For instance, if you type “Notify me when EURUSD >1.4,” the chatbot will send a notification when it reaches this value.

When you select “Watch List,” the chatbot will display some of the important instruments used by brokers. It suggests examples such as Bitcoin-Altcoin and OneF-Demo so that you can understand how to use these commands.

We did come across a bug while using this chatbot, which could be due to the lack of information. When you select “Trading” from the main menu, the chatbot won’t display any information. If you want to make this feature work, you have to type trading, along with a keyword. For example, when you select “Trading Bitcoin,” the chatbot will give you its market value.

Similarly, there is another command called “Trend,” where you get all the information about a particular stock. You can ask the chatbot for a demo, where it will give you an example of how it helped a specific user. At the same time, the chatbot will also give you a chart, which shows the change in the value of the stock. You can change the time interval of the graph and download it.

If you have a Bittrex account, you can connect it with the chatbot and manage it. For users who are new to trading, the chatbot has quizzes, where you can learn everything you need to know about this subject. It divides the quizzes into two levels- basic and advanced.

Under the basic course, you get to learn about the foreign exchange market, which is broken down into seven lessons. In the advanced course, there is only one lesson for technical analysis. The chatbot allows you to change the language or switch accounts when required. If you are feeling stuck or you don’t know what to do with this chatbot, you can select “Help” from the side menu.

Again, if you still find it difficult, you can get in touch with the support team, who will answer your questions. You can talk with the chatbot to clear doubts about specific topics. For example, after typing “what is forex,” the chatbot gave us a brief description of this topic. Even if you find it difficult to follow the explanation, the chatbot will try to make it simple. Do keep in mind that if you ask questions and the chatbot doesn’t know the answer, it won’t respond.


Nami Assistant is a good financial chatbot available on Facebook Messenger. Although it is quite responsive, there are some bugs where the chatbot doesn’t give you an answer, which can be frustrating if you want to make an important decision. The other features of this chatbot give you adequate amounts of information, allowing you to stay up-to-date with the latest trends of the market.

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