NiQuitin UK Chatbot Review

NiQuitin UK Chatbot Review

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The first time you smoked a cigarette several years ago, you never imagined you would find it addictive. Fast forward to today and you realized, putting them down forever is next to impossible. No matter how hard you try, you always cave to the cravings, and you are back to square one.


NiQuitin UK, a chatbot, aims to solve this problem, by helping you put down the habit of smoking cigarettes once and for all. It will make it easy to quit, by providing motivational messages, tips, and health benefits of staying away from this harmful behavior. Also, it comes with games and quizzes, so that you can avoid falling prey to those cravings. Will the chatbot make it your life easy when you quit smoking? Let’s find out!




NiQuitin UK is available on Facebook Messenger, which has over a billion active users on this messaging platform. To start communicating with the chatbot, you need to select “Get Started,” which you will find at the bottom of the screen.


Once you start interacting with NiQuitin UK, it will give you a brief introduction about how it will help you in the journey of staying away from cigarettes. At the same time, the chatbot lets you know that it is a support tool, so you should get in touch with a physician during extreme scenarios.


Before the bot gets you onboard its quit program, it will ask you a series of questions, so that it can personalize its content accordingly. First, the chatbot will want to know why you want to kick this harmful habit for good. You can choose from the following – health, family, money, new years resolution, and stopping your addiction. The next question, the chatbot will ask you how many cigarettes you smoke in a day. Before it enrolls you into the quit program, the bot will find out if you tried to quit smoking before.


Once it completes the formalities, the chatbot will tell you about the company’s nicotine patches, and how they will help you stay away from cigarettes. The bot will inquire if you want to use similar products, as they come with a lot of advantages.


The quit program lasts for eight weeks, and the bot will do everything in its power to ensure you stay on track. The following options are available in the main menu of the chatbot:


  • Quit Smoking Tips
  • NiQuitin Products
  • Help


If you want your friends or family members to join the program, you can share the chatbot on Facebook Messenger. According to NiQuitin, having a buddy know about your status will make it easier to stay on track at all times.


Under “Quit Smoking Tips,” you can choose from health, savings, and family. If you choose health, the chatbot will give information on why you should abstain from smoking at all costs. If you doubt some of the facts, NiQuitin will provide links to trustworthy sources, which back up their claims. In a world where users have to differentiate between fake and real news, it is good to know that the developer implemented this feature. When you select family, the chatbot will tell you why it is a good idea to let people know that you are trying to quit smoking forever. Similarly, in savings, the chatbot will inform you how much you can save, when you stay away from cigarettes.


Under “NiQuitin Products,” you can select from – patches, other products, and buy now. When you select “Patches,” the chatbot will redirect you to the official website, where you can take a look at them. Here, you will get to know the advantages of patches, along with how you can use them.


Upon selecting “other products,” the chatbot will show all the commodities you can purchase from NiQuitin. There is also an option called “FAQ,” where you can find answers for all your queries. The bot redirects you to the website, and you can search for questions, as per the keywords.


When things get challenging, you can tap on “SOS” which is under the bottom of the screen. The chatbot will try to motivate you by giving you tips on how to avoid listening to your cravings. Also, you can unsubscribe from the messages, once you complete the program.




NiQuitin UK is an excellent chatbot available on Facebook Messenger, which helps you stay away from smoking cigarettes every day. Although its features are quite basic, they are extremely effective. Every day, the bot gives you tips, which will motivate you to quit the habit of smoking cigarettes. Excellent work from the developer, as every feature works like a charm.


Do you want to avoid reaching out to cigarettes every time you want to relieve stress? Ensure you put your health before everything else, by using NiQuitin UK!


SingaporeChatbots reviewed NiQuitin UK and found the chatbot to be a top performer. Excellent work from the developer!


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