Octa Chatbot Review

Octa Chatbot Review

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Planning your family vacation could not have gotten any easier. You can find city-specific events, attractions, and playgrounds for practically any city you’d like. With data on more than 200 cities currently, you can use this kid-friendly travel planner to curate a fun and learning travel experience for your kids. Octa will not only hunt down play areas and other family-friendly spaces for you to have fun in, alongwith your family. It will also detail the address, operational, hours and ticket requirements. What more? Octa even provides fun facts on these places and tips that might enhance your travel experience left by other kids. What’s not to like?

By Kids for Kids

Octa has been founded by Zara Khanna. Young Zara has traveled to more than 44 countries with her parents and wanted to share her love for travel with other kids via the Octa chatbot. It was Zara’s combined affinity for coding and travel that made her develop Octa.

Zara’s mother, Ayesha – a force to reckon with by herself, is the acting COO of Octa. Ayesha Khanna is the co-founder of one of Singapore’s leading AI firms, ADDO AI. She has also been recognized by Forbes magazine as among South East Asia’s pathbreaking female entrepreneurs in 2018.

Octa’s team is led by a healthy number of women, all experts in their respective fields. Experienced project managers, marketing managers, editors and AI specialists form Octa’s core functional team.

Octa has managed to win over popular attention with founder Zara Khanna being interviewed by Lonely Planet Kids, featured on TravelDaily and Expat Living, and most recently, having been invited for a chat with the Head of Destination Marketing at TripAdvisor.

Don’t tire yourself out with overtourism, travel wisely instead

What is overtourism, you ask? Well, it is when you visit a tourist destination but find the experience of your tourism marred by crowding and overpopulation of tourists. The congestion of this phenomenon takes away from your experience of truly soaking in the charms the destination may have had to offer otherwise. In a climate where the tourism sector is thriving, how can one manage overtourism? The solution lies in being able to distribute these tourists across different and lesser-known travel attractions. It benefits the economy of the country where this tourism is occurring but also helps preserve the favorable conditions at the attractions which make people want to travel there in the first place.

Technology has made it convenient for the managers of these tourist destinations to easily comprehend tourists’ mobility patterns.

We’ve seen AI solutions in the past being devised by tourism boards and destination management organizations, such as London Tourism Board’s “Play London with Mr. Bean” or Amsterdam’s AI-powered service for Facebook Messenger which teases out relevant information from your FB profile and then uses this to suggest you places to visit or things to do in Amsterdam. Zara Khanna’s Octa is much like these AI-powered solutions we’ve seen, but it doesn’t follow a top-down hierarchy or find sponsorship by any specific tourism board. You can use Octa to find travel destinations suggested by kids for over 200 cities across the world. Octa even provides entertainment in the form of jokes to keep you entertained during seemingly endless train, plane, or car journeys.

Learn About Other Cool Kids

Octa also runs a Cool Kids program where you can hear from Cool Kids around different parts of the world about how they live their lives. After all, isn’t a huge part of traveling about interacting and learning from other cultures?

Find a Must-Go, Play Area, Family Friendly Restaurant and More

Just type in your city and Octa will suggest to you a list of the top tourist destinations in your city, play areas where your child can slide or swing away to their heart’s content, and family-friendly restaurants which won’t bore anyone in your family. It will also inform you about interesting local events being held at the time of your visit. You will be provided with all the information you could require about attending the same, such as the location, timing, and attendance fee.

Not comfortable with using English? Octa can understand Chinese, Arabic, and a host of other languages, with more being added every day. Octa hasn’t been featured by the global media for nothing. Travel planning can be stressful, especially if you’re planning a trip for your entire family. Don’t stress, and let Octa help you plan the best travel experience for your entire family. Travel can open up different horizons for your child to explore and learn from, as well as add to their quality of life. Visit Octa.ai and start chatting with Octa right away. What are you waiting for? An epic family adventure awaits!

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