PriceFCN ChatBot Review

PriceFCN ChatBot Review

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When it comes to making investments in the financial world, you need to be aware of what you are doing at every moment. You need to make the right decisions so that you get a great return on investment (ROI).


One way of getting steady monthly income is to involve yourself in fixed note coupons (FCN). It has lower volatility when compared to investing in stocks. Also, the investment period tends to be shorter; one of the many reasons it remains popular.


However, if you don’t know a lot about FCNs or you want to invest in them, you need the necessary information. Sometimes, you can’t keep opening up the browser on your phone to get the right data.


Enter PriceFCN Bot, a chatbot designed to help you in this aspect. All the information you need about FCN is available to you with a couple of taps. However, does this chatbot have what it takes to perform well in real situations?




For this review, we will be checking out the PriceFCN Bot available on Telegram. As soon as you find this chatbot on this messaging platform, you need to select “Start,” which you will find at the bottom of the screen.


At the start, the chatbot gives you a brief introduction about what it will help you do with regard to FCN. According to the description, it aims to make everything about investment products as simple as possible.


First, the bot will find out if you invested in FCN or similar assets before. If you say no, the bot will direct you through a simple tutorial, consisting of the following subjects:


  • What is a FCN
  • Why FCN
  • When to invest
  • How to invest
  • Other FAQs


If you don’t want to go through this guide, you can type “skip.” Depending on which subject you choose, the bot will give you in-depth information. If it needs to give you additional data, it will redirect you to a different site, which you can open within the app itself.


For example, when you select “What is a FCN,” the bot will give you the complete description. It also provides you with key terminologies, which you need to keep a close eye on when investing in these assets.


The chatbot can help in the following areas:


  • Access curated FCNs
  • Customize a FCN
  • Invest in a FCN
  • Tutorial/FAQ
  • Live chat


When you select “Access curated FCNs,” the bot will ask you to to select an appropriate profile, whose description fits you perfectly. The next step is whether you want to use US Dollars (USD) or Singapore Dollars (SGD) as the currency for all transactions.


Depending on what you choose, the chatbot will start displaying a minimum of five FCNs. Each asset will come with the product ID, Strike, Coupon, Stock Basket, and last date of update. After showing you every FCN, the bot will ask you if it looks attractive to you. If you say yes, it will send additional details about these assets to your email address.


Upon choosing “Customize a FCN,” the bot will ask you a series of questions about your ideal FCN. It will find out the preferred type of currency, Strike, tenure, and stock basket. Once you create the ideal FCN, you will get to talk to a specialist who will guide you through the selection process.


After selecting “Invest in a FCN,” the bot informed that this feature isn’t available at the moment, as it is undergoing development. Fortunately, it stated that you would get to know when it goes online so that you can start using it. Also, the bot gave additional details about this feature.


If you are facing any troubles with this bot, you can always use the “Live chat” feature. In this option, you need to type your feedback or query, and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible. If you no longer wish to use the “Live chat” feature, you can type “End Chat.”


You have the option to leave the conversation at any time by typing “bye.” Also, if you don’t talk to the chatbot for a while, it will stop conversing with you. You need to type “Home” or “Hi” to restart the conversation.




PriceFCN Bot is one of the best investment-related chatbots available on Facebook Messenger and Telegram. It is extremely responsive, as it only takes a handful of seconds to reply to every query.


The chatbot gives detailed information about FCNs if you don’t know a lot about investing in these assets. You can take a look at the chatbot’s list of FCNs along with a snapshot of the important data. If you are facing any troubles using the bot, you can always use the “Live chat,” feature.


If you are looking to get into FCN investing, check out the links given below to use this chatbot!


Facebook Messenger –

Telegram –


PriceFCN Bot got an excellent review from SingaporeChatbots! Excellent work from the developers!


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