Project Coaching Chatbot Review

Project Coaching Chatbot Review

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Being healthy and fit has gained significant popularity over a couple of years, as various studies showed their importance. Due to this reason, the Internet is full of articles based on these topics. Whether you are looking for nutritional or fitness advice, there are thousands of blogs to help you out. However, how do you know which advice is good for you and which isn’t? As there are are a myriad of equipment available in the market, which ones are worth your investment?


The developers built a chatbot known as Project Coaching, to provide answers to a variety of questions regarding health and fitness. The chatbot comes with a variety of features, aimed to solve problems of consumers. How will the chatbot perform, once we take its features for a test run?




The developers used one of the most popular platforms, Facebook Messenger, as the base of operations. Due to this reason, you must activate the chatbot, before you can interact with it. Clicking on “Get Started,” will bring the chatbot to life. Project Coaching will give you a brief introduction to itself, before asking you if you would like to continue.


In the brief introduction, the chatbot will ask you if you want to know more about its blog. If yes, select “Info,” and the chatbot will give you the necessary information. You can also select “Help,” if you are not sure about this chatbot. If you choose “Info,” you can select topics such as “training,” “about this bot,” and “recommended kit.” Supposing you want “Help,” the chatbot will ask you to pick from “Help Guide” and “Leave Feedback.” To start the conversation again or if you feel lost, you can select or type “Restart.”


To continue using the services of the chatbot, you should select, “Ok, let’s go.” Before you can go to the main menu, you must click on “Subscribe.”


The main menu of Project Coaching consists of the following items:


  • Project Coaching Bot


  • Manage Subscriptions
  • About This Bot
  • Get Help


  • “Latest Posts” from Project Coaching


  • Show Stories
  • Subscribe
  • Share


  • Training, Nutrition, Strength, and Conditioning


  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Conditioning


  • Info
  • Equipment
  • Music
  • Just Chat
  • Feedback


Let’s explore “Latest Posts” from Project Coaching, to see what the chatbot has to offer. If you select “Show Stories,” the chatbot will display posts from its official website, Project Coaching. Upon selecting “Read Here,” the chatbot will copy the content from the article and paste it into the chat. It is quite a useful feature if you don’t feel like leaving Facebook Messenger. You can also take a look at the original article by selecting “View Online.” You can subscribe to its blog posts so that you get notifications on Facebook Messenger, the moment they come online.


When you select “Training,” under “Training, Nutrition, Strength, and Conditioning,” the chatbot will ask you to pick from the following options – “Subscribe me,” “show me some sets,” and “to the menu.” Upon selecting “show me some sets,” the chatbot will ask you which type of sports interest you the most. Some of the options are swimming, cycling, running, strength, and conditioning. Depending on what you select from the menu, the chatbot will redirect you to the appropriate page on their official website. For example, if you select “swimming,” the chatbot will show you a large number of articles, where you can master this skill. Under “Nutrition,” the chatbot shares a link, where you will obtain additional information about this topic. For “Conditioning,” the chatbot gives you two links about foam rolling and strength training.


It is well-known that music has an important role to play in your workout sessions, as they motivate you to push your body to its limits. When you select “Music,” the chatbot will redirect you to the official website, where you can take a look at all the tunes. After spending time in this section, the music suggested by Project Coaching is upbeat and inspirational.


When you select “Equipment,” the chatbot will ask you to select from the following sports:


  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Running


The chatbot will suggest appropriate products, after answering a series of questions. For example, let’s say you want to take your cycling skills to a whole new level. The chatbot will show its range of “Turbo Trainer” products. If you want to pick it up, the chatbot will redirect you to a different site, where you can complete the purchase.




Project Coaching is a great chatbot if you are looking to improve your health and fitness levels. Thanks to the developers, the chatbot will provide advice on a variety of subjects in the health and fitness category. The chatbot is strong in sports such as swimming, cycling, and running. If you want to use this chatbot, click here!


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