Rainkorkor Chatbot Review

Rainkorkor Chatbot Review

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Rainkorkor is the latest in the line of chatbots coming out of Singapore that has taken the world by storm. It is a Telegram-based bot. Telegram is a cloud-based voice-over IP and instant messaging service. Telegram’s bot platform is a facility made available by the UK-produced messenger service.


The telegram client app is downloadable for use on your Windows/iOS/Android phone or device and, even your computer! Telegram can be used for sharing photos, videos, documents, and audio. It allows you to create groups and add a multitude of members to broadcast your message easily. It also supports end-to-end encrypted voice calls.


You can create your Telegram bot and utilize it in your chats and channels on the service as per your needs.


What does a “bot” do?


A bot basically simplifies the communication occurring between man and machine. Say, if you are currently on an app and are finding it difficult to navigate, you can reach out to the bot instead of abandoning the app. Users can send messages, inline requests, and even command a bot to propel them to action.


A bot account on Telegram is run by a software, unlike other accounts. It is also enabled with AI features. These bots can do absolutely anything the web service makes possible. Bots usually provide special custom keyboards, saving you the trouble of having to type out the commands personally.


Can you make your own bot?


You, too, can build your own bot on Telegram. All you need to do is generate a key with the @BotFather and use basic https API to control the bot so devised. The specific steps involved in creating a bot on Telegram are –


  • Install the required libraries for development before writing your program and choosing your preferred programming language.
  • Install the TeleBot library using the “pip install telebot” command.
  • You can then import the libraries and begin coding away.
  • Next, you can run the code you’ve developed in the console and test it in Telegram. When the program begins to run, you can start to chat with your bot.


Some of the bots developed by sample beta testers, in the past, for Telegram are –


  • @AlertBot, which you can use to set an alert for absolutely anything, once you specify the time.
  • @StoreBot, which can be used to find new bots and then rate them.
  • @PollBot, which can really make your group discussions more interesting.
  • @TriviaBot, which will help you test both your friend group’s and your general knowledge as you challenge them to compete with your score.


A bot’s profile on Telegram and a human’s aren’t quite the same, though. You can tell the difference by UI. Also, bot accounts do not receive all the messages of a group on joining it.


Why is Telegram the chosen method of creating chatbots?


When you create a chatbot using Telegram and then use it to forward a note, your bot will link back to the original sender of the message. By their design itself, they are predisposed to virality.


You can write a description for the chatbot you create, and it will be shared, every time anybody shares the bot on Telegram or even other platforms. If you, the receiver of this message, have Telegram installed, you will be taken to a chat with the bot.


How Does Rainkorkor stand out?


Rainkorkor is a weather bot. It fetches official weather data and informs its users where it happens to be raining in Singapore at the time.


Created by Reddit user, u/MeePokUncle, the bot was announced on the Singapore Subreddit on December 22, 2019. It is fashioned after the chatbot Bus Uncle, which announced bus arrival timings. However, instead of bus arrival timings, it informs about the meteorological conditions that can be expected.


All information broadcast by Rainkorkor is sourced from the National Environment Agency. The weather updates are displayed to users in image or GIF format on the island city map. Additionally, the language used is Singlish – a mix of both Singapore and English.


Singapore is currently experiencing the rainy season, and Rainkorkor is a worthy channel to be added on to your Telegram account. Of course, you can always use the Meteorological Service Singapore’s official app, but it won’t be half as fun. You will be missing out on Rainkorkor’s amiable commentary.


Last words


Rainkorkor is one of the many chatbots to have recently become popular in Singapore. It is a fun bot that you can use to keep track of weather conditions in the city. You wouldn’t want to be caught off guard by unexpected rain when planning lunch plans with your friends, would you?


It is handy and easy-to-use. The weather bot provides much the same information that the MET department’s app would, but you will want to keep using it for the banter. However, the Singapore MET app won’t be able to offer you much of the same experience.

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