Rammas Chatbot Review

Rammas Chatbot Review

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Chatbots are great because they make your life convenient. There are several bots designed to complete a variety of tasks such as book hotels and flights, discover new attractions in cities, and make reservations in restaurants.


Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) provides its services to more than 800,000 customers in the country. Given the large database of consumers, they need to ensure the consumers have an excellent experience.


Enter Rammas Virtual Agent, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered bot, available to customers 24/7. In its current stage, it can understand both Arabic and English. The bot comes with a large feature set, which helps DEWA’s customers.


As it uses AI, it has the ability to learn from every interaction, ensuring its services improve constantly. When you look at this bot, everything looks great. However, will it deliver when you start to use its features to pay your bills?




Rammas Virtual Agent is different from most of the chatbots available on different platforms. For this review, we will be using the Facebook Messenger variant. You can send any message to start interacting with the bot. It has the following options visible in the main menu:


  • Customer
  • Consultant/Contract
  • Supplier
  • Government
  • Job Seeker
  • General Info
  • Bill Payment
  • Pay for a Friend
  • Track Application
  • Apply for a Job
  • View Bill
  • Track


When you select “Bill Payment,” the bot will show you the following categories:


  • Consumption
  • Understand Bill
  • Pay for a Friend
  • View and Pay Bill


If you select “Consumption,” the bot will redirect you to DEWA’s official website. Here you can verify whether your water/electricity consumption is high or low. Similarly, for “Understand Bill,” the chatbot takes you to the same site, where you can make sense of everything which comes under the list of charges. You can pay for another individual’s bill by selecting “Pay for a Friend,” option from the menu. Once the bot takes you to the official site, you need to enter the 9 – 10 digit premise or account number.


When you applied for a specific service from DEWA, you can use “Track Application,” to know the status of your request. You need to enter the 10-digit number given to you by the establishment, to use follow your application.


If you are looking for work, select “Apply for a Job,” where the bot will give you a list of options to choose:


  • Special Needs Jobs
  • Overseas Candidates
  • Show others


When you select “Special Needs Jobs,” the bot will tell you where you can apply for employment. The chatbot gives detailed instructions, which will help navigate through the website.


A great feature of Rammas Virtual Agent is that you can use it to look for specific jobs. You need to enter specific keywords or use a filter, which will show you all the openings in the company. If you want to get a list of every position available, select “View All.”


Here you will receive a brief description of every job, along with the start date. If you wish to apply, you need to register yourself on DEWA’s website. Once you create a profile, you can make a formal request for the job.


When you choose “Supplier,” the bot will display the following options:


  • Vendor Registration
  • Vendor Documents
  • Show other


Upon selecting “Vendor Documents,” the bot will let you know about the list of files you need to register your company. You need to complete these requirements if you wish to become a vendor.

Under “Vendor Registration,” the bot will take you to DEWA’s website. Here you need to enter the necessary details for the company to process your application.


It also has an option for government employees, where they can report observations about DEWA assets. The chatbot gives you the official email address, where you can get in touch with them. Also, it provides a number, which you can call to register complaints or during emergency situations.


If the chatbot is unable to follow the conversation, it will let you know that it is unable to help at the moment. The bot will recommend getting in touch with the call center or use Hayak Video Chat to talk to a customer service representative.


Every time you select a different option from the menu while interacting with the bot, it will ask you if you are sure about your decision.




Rammas Virtual Agent is a great chatbot available on a variety of platforms. The feature set that comes with is excellent, as they are extremely useful. For instance, you can use this chatbot to pay your electricity and water bills on time. Similarly, you can do the same for your friends when they go out of the country.


When it faces a problem, it will ask you to get in touch with customer support as soon as possible.

If you live in Dubai and you are looking for a convenient way to pay your bills, check out Rammas chatbot!


Facebook Messenger – m.me/dewaofficial


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/dewaofficial/


Rammas Chatbot is an excellent bot with useful features, designed to make your life convenient every way possible, according to SingaporeChatbots!


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