Recappy Chatbot Review

Recappy Chatbot Review

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Recappy is a news chatbot that is available only on Facebook Messenger at the moment. It is a friendly chatbot, which will help you make sense of current events and news, by breaking it down into a conversational and plain style. How will the chatbot fare against our expectations? Let’s find out!


Although the chatbot is available on Facebook Messenger, it doesn’t work like most of them. When you open the chatbot on Facebook Messenger, it won’t take any time to introduce itself and tell you about what it is capable of doing.

The chatbot will give you random information that is interesting and good to know. For example, the chatbot will tell you about the solar eclipse that took place on August 21st, 2017. With the help of the chatbot, you will find out why that solar eclipse was different from other ones that took place over 99 years.

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If you want to get more information regarding the solar eclipse, then you can select ‘what’s the big deal?’ The chatbot will go in-depth about that solar eclipse and its significance. You can learn a lot through this chatbot as it is quite informational. The chatbot will explain the path of totality, things that take place during solar eclipses and more on Facebook Messenger.

Now, if you want to find out about other topics, you can just type it on Facebook Messenger. The chatbot is always ready to give more information about anything and everything. To make sure that you can follow what the chatbot is talking about, it breaks down all its paragraphs into small sentences. As a result of this, it is quite easy to read the information provided by the chatbot.

Now Recappy is different when you compare it to other news chatbots. All the other news chatbots only provide you with information. They want to make sure that their users take in most of the information provided on Facebook Messenger. As a result of this train of thought, the chatbot will ask you questions about its recent conversations. For example, if you are asking the chatbot to give you information about solar eclipses, the chatbot will ask you to answer a question about the path of totality.

While the chatbot provides a lot of information and makes it as simple as possible, it does have a set of drawbacks. For example, the chatbot will stop working after explaining one concept completely. If you want the chatbot to give you information when it stops functioning, it will ask you to return after six hours as it wants to sleep. It is strange that a news chatbot has to sleep for six hours before you get information.


Overall, Recappy chatbot on Facebook Messenger is really good at what it does, which is to break down core concepts of current and news events all over the world. The chatbot achieves this by talking about various topics in a simplified manner. It is easy to follow the conversation about various topics on Facebook Messenger

At the same time, the chatbot is useful in helping retain information that you learn from it. The chatbot makes up small tests to check your memory. Whether you answer correctly or not, the chatbot will continue to give you information about that topic.

You don’t have type in different topics to find them on this chatbot. The chatbot will naturally ask you to find out more about these topics when it is having a conversation with you.

Give this chatbot a shot on Facebook Messenger if you want to learn about things without much effort!

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