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Have you ever felt bored of listening to the same music over and over again? Do you feel like it’s too hard to keep track of all the music released by your favorite artists? Well, not to worry because a lot of people had the same idea, which led to the development of RecordBird.

What is RecordBird?

RecordBird is a platform where you can discover and share music. You get a complete feed of every single release you really care about. If your favorite artist released a video on YouTube, it will pop up on your feed. Every day, you get a feed of new music, which can be shared via Facebook or any other app which supports Share Sheet extensions.



RecordBird goes through your music directory, figures out what kind of music you like listening to and goes through the internet to find a large collection of music that you will enjoy. It will bring all the latest releases of artists you listen to and it will help you discover new musicians who you may not have heard about. RecordBird has managed to do what Music Connect by Apple failed.

To make sure you keep up with the music industry, RecordBird integrates with the calendar on your phone. All the new releases can be added to your calendar, to remind you to buy them or preorder them without ever having to leave the app. RecordBird also maintains of a feed of when your favorite artists are releasing new videos, DVDs, vinyl, and MP3s. If any musician has released their video on Youtube, you can stream it within the app itself. There aren’t any apps out there like RecordBird which can help you find new singers and bands.

If you don’t like a particular band or singer, you always have the option of hiding those releases from your feed with RecordBird. It is an extremely useful feature to keep your music feed clean and tidy. Any artist you like can be added to the calendar with a simple swipe to the left on the artist’s card.

Because we listen to the same playlist over and over again, we get tired of our music really fast. To find new artists and bands, you need to spend a large portion of your time scouring the internet. However, RecordBird does this without any difficulty. You can go about your day doing the things you like while RecordBird works in the background to find new music that you may like. By scanning all the music on your phone, it has an idea of what you may like. It will find new artists and display them in your feed.

All the feed in the app is categorized based on the type of media. You can also filter the songs based on karaoke and reissues.

In case you have been busy and you forgot to open the app, you get a notification about what you missed. You can also follow people or get followed by other users on RecordBird. There are also recommendations based on what other people like and there are “Best In” playlists.

There is also a small touch by the developers which shows a green badge next to a record which is in the process of getting released.


The RecordBird app is everything that Music Connect should have been. You can open the app many times a day to watch the latest music videos, mark the dates for upcoming releases on your calendar and read articles about music. It truly is a wonderful app for music.


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