Resorts World Sentosa Chatbot Review

Resorts World Sentosa Chatbot Review

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Chatbots may not be able to compete with human intelligence, but you’d be surprised how much designing a chatbot for your business webpage, or app could help you! Chatbots are nifty web applications that can help your business handle a great volume of customer queries speedily. They can also help you pick up customer leads along the way.


On top of that, when you have a chatbot designed for taking over a part of your customer service operations, you can cut down the team size for your human customer service executives. Consequently, you can save the money you’d allocated for your CS operations thus far elsewhere. These are only a handful of the reasons why businesses today are scrambling to have their own business chatbot.


Now that we’ve discussed chatbots generally, let’s try to understand how the Resorts World Sentosa chatbot performs.


Resorts World Sentosa’s support bot serves as the property’s Virtual Assistant


Out of the several kinds of bots in circulation today, the one designed and made available by Resorts World Sentosa is an Assistant or a Support Bot. Usually, businesses hire support executives or assistants to handle customer queries and concerns. However, during peak times of incoming business or when the volume of customers that need attending to exceeds a certain size, it is no longer possible to attend to each of these queries.


While a person might find it difficult to grapple under such pressure, a bot is designed to keep its cool. That’s the beauty of Artificial Intelligence, though, isn’t it? All the information, and none of the emotions that could hamper your customer-company relation. An assistant bot should ideally be conversational in approach, informative as well as engaging. Resorts World Sentosa can pride itself on coming up with such a support bot.


You can ask the Resorts World Sentosa Chatbot questions that you might have regarding dining, membership, attractions, or vacancies that they might have at their property. The Assistant Bot not only answers your question but amuses you with the answer quality it provides.


The Resorts World Sentosa tries its best to address any questions you might have


Assistant bots can sometimes struggle with answering an expansive range of customer questions. Resorts World Sentosa understood that. The bot sets expectations about its capabilities right at the onset, so you are not disappointed with its service quality later. You are instructed to only ask it one question at a time, in complete sentences. It even provides you with an example question to refer to. Furthermore, it lists out the topics for which it can provide answers.


You can pick any of these topics or type out your question. The bot will display forth the most relevant answer that it possesses in its data source. It will also show you links for you to click on and visit other information sources with detailed leads to the answers you seek.


The bot is also dedicated to improving its operations and asks for feedback from you to enable it to learn how it could go about this.


Why wouldn’t you want a Virtual Holiday Assistant?


If you’re in Sentosa and want to laze around at a resort during the holiday season, would you rather be put on hold indefinitely when you call a luxury resort’s contact number? Or would you appreciate a faster response from a chatbot that could assist you with any queries you might have about current room vacancies and nearby attractions from the hotel? The answer is obvious.


Resorts World Sentosa realized the need for a chatbot to cater to audience queries more efficiently. The Resorts World Sentosa chatbot was born of this very need. Ever since, the chatbot has been helping the property address an increased number of client communications.


Resorts World Sentosa chatbot evidences how support bots can benefit you


Assistant bots are among the most common kind of chatbots being used by businesses. However, very few business enterprises in the hospitality sector have considered installing a chatbot to their webpage or their social media sites.


If you run a hotel business or a restaurant, you should weigh the advantages of having an assistant bot designed for you. You could then use the manpower you were using to man your hotel/restaurant reservation desk for other tasks around your property.


Your customers will appreciate the tech-forwardness being exhibited by your hotel/restaurant. While you might still want to lend a human touch to booking reservations for your business, you will not want to miss out on the sheer quantity of customer requests a bot can juggle. Consider having a support bot on your business page in addition to an executive handling reservation requests. You will be surprised by the number of guest reservations your property will succeed in scheduling.


The future is calling, and turning down help from AI is hardly a wise decision for our times. If you want to stay a cut above your competition, implement the latest technology in your business operations – Resorts World Sentosa shows you how.


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