Robin Travel Chatbot Review

Robin Travel Chatbot Review

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As a traveler, visiting new places is always going to be exciting. However, when you don’t know the local language, getting around can be quite a challenge. In this situation, you have to rely on technology to help you out.


When you are on the go, you need to make sure you can access information instantly. With Robin Travel, traveling is a cakewalk because of the built-in features to help tourists. It is a powerful companion who will help you explore a selection of cities while experiencing everything it has to offer.


Robin Travel isn’t a single chatbot, but a collection of five bots. Does it have what it takes to perform well when you are in a new city?




Like most of the chatbots available on Facebook Messenger, you need to grant it permission, before you can start conversing with it. You need to select “Get Started,” found at the bottom of the screen.

At present, Robin Travel will give you information on the following cities:


  • Singapore
  • Paris
  • Taipei
  • London
  • Bangkok


If you select “Singapore,” the chatbot will redirect you to Robin Travel Singapore, a bot specialized in helping travelers in this region. You can select the following options available on its main menu:


  • Getting around
  • Eat & Drink
  • Connectivity
  • See & Do
  • Essential
  • Ask Robin


When you choose “Getting Around,” the bot will give you tips on how you can travel throughout the city. The chatbot will show you the following options in this category:


  • Ride-hailing
  • eScooter
  • City Bike
  • Airport Transfer


Under “Ride-hailing,” the bot shows two choices – Grab and GoJek. They are two ways you can hire cabs in the city and reach your destination. When you select one of the options, it will give you the link to download the app on your smartphone. At the same time, it also gives you a small description of the company.


Similarly, for the other options, the bot behaves in the same manner. For instance, under “City Bike,” the chatbot shows what you need to download to use this service in the city. However, the feature “Airport Transfer” doesn’t work at the moment, as the bot doesn’t respond upon selecting this option.


When you choose “Eat & Drink,” the bot will display the following menu:


  • Fine Dining
  • Bars
  • Romantic
  • Nightlife
  • Mid-range
  • Family-friendly
  • Food courts
  • World cuisine


Let’s find out what will happen when you select one of the options. If you choose “Fine Dining,” the bot will show you a list of restaurants where you can have delicious meals in top-notch establishments.


For each eating place, there will be a small description of the eatery. It will also give you the location on Google Maps so that you can reach the destination. If you wish to make a reservation, the chatbot will redirect you to the official website, where you can complete this task. You can also take a look at the menu of the restaurant to see what they have to offer.


One of the biggest challenges every traveler faces is smartphone connectivity. You need to pay outrageous charges if you wish to use data while roaming. Robin Travel Singapore aims to overcome this problem by giving you tips on how you can remain online despite visiting a new country. You need to select “Connectivity,” after which the bot will show the following options:


  • Sim Card
  • eSim
  • Free Wi-Fi


If you select “Sim Card,” the bot will give you a list of popular network providers in the city. The chatbot will show you all the advantages of using a SIM from a specific vendor. At the same time, you also get to know about how much you will have to pay to acquire this card for your smartphone.


When you don’t know where to go while you are visiting a city, select “See & Do.” The chatbot shows the following options:


  • Attractions
  • Theme Parks
  • Nature and wildlife
  • Adventure
  • Musicals
  • Entertainment
  • Museum
  • Walkabouts


Depending on what you select from the menu, the bot will give you a list of places to visit. It gives you a brief description of every establishment, such as the hours of operation. Also, it gives you the ticket costs, which you can purchase via Stripe or PayPal. Depending on what you select, the chatbot will redirect you to the official site, where you can complete the transaction.




Robin Travel is a great accumulation of five chatbots, designed to provide assistance in specific cities. The feature set of the bots are excellent, as they make your life easier. The best part is that you can purchase SIM cards or tickets to popular attractions, in advance, before you reach the city. The chatbot responds quickly, ensuring you get the right information as soon as possible.


If you want to give Robin Travel a shot on Facebook Messenger, check out the links given below!


Facebook Messenger –


Facebook –


Robin Travel is one of the best travel chatbots available on Facebook Messenger, according to SingaporeChatbots. Keep up the good work developers!


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