Sammy the Sailing Bot Review

Sammy the Sailing Bot Review

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The Singapore Sailing Federation launched Sammy the Sailing Bot, a chatbot. The organization created the chatbot to help the participants of this year’s National Sailing Championship to get readings on weather and wind, in real time. The chatbot uses artificial intelligence to provide the necessary data. During the competition, the chatbot got to converse with a variety of users. How will the chatbot perform when we use its features?




The developer of the chatbot used the most popular platform, Facebook Messenger so that a large number of users have access to its services. Once you find the chatbot on the messaging platform, you will have to select “Get Started,” to start conversing with it.


After the chatbot gets permission to use the data from your profile, it will give a brief introduction about itself. The chatbot gives you a warning that it is still in its learning stages. Sammy the Sailing Bot will ask you to pick from the following options:


  • Weather & Wind
  • Learn to sail
  • Marina Bay Sailing
  • Pesta Sukan Dinghy Regatta 2018
  • Sailor’s ranking
  • Sustainable sailing
  • Asian Games 2018
  • Future Ready Sailor
  • About Sammy the Sailing Bot
  • Social Media


Let’s find out how the chatbot will respond when you interact with each of these elements from its main menu. When you select “Weather & Wind,” the chatbot will ask you if you want to know about wind or weather. Upon selecting “Got wind?” the chatbot will give you the speed and direction. At the same time, the chatbot will also inform you if it is enough for you to set sail. The second option gives you a small update about the current weather conditions in Singapore. Even if you are not in Singapore, you can still get the wind and weather conditions in your current location.


When you select “Learn to sail,” the chatbot will ask you if you are interested in the adults or kids program. Depending on the category, the chatbot will give you the name of the course. The chatbot also has access to additional information about the program, such as course dates, duration, content, and pre-requisites. Let’s assume that you are interested in the content of the course. The chatbot will share an image, which gives you an idea of what to expect during the duration of the course. According to the chatbot, the content is split into eight modules so that you understand sailing properly. If the course isn’t available at the moment, the chatbot gives you the freedom to select other programs by looking through their affiliate clubs.


If you pick “Marina Bay Sailing,” the chatbot assumes that you want to test the waters of Singapore. The chatbot informs you that even if you don’t have any experience in sailing, you can take up this activity. The chatbot gives you details about this experience, such as age limit, starting point, attire, and session rates. It redirects you to an official website, where you can get all the information you need for this activity.


Choosing “Asian Games 2018,” will give you all the information you need about this event. For example, the chatbot will tell you how the sport works, so that you don’t get confused during the event. It also gives you some facts so that you have adequate knowledge about Asian Games.


Picking “Sustainable Sailing,” from the main menu will give you a complete understanding of the initiatives taken by Singapore Sailing to safeguard the oceans. For starters, when you choose “Green Initiatives,” the chatbot will show you pictures of its various programs. “Clean Regattas,” will show you the checklist that Singapore Sailing follows for every event. It also gives you information about “Sailors for Seas,” a non-profit, US-based organization, which educates the boating and sailing community about taking care of the oceans.


You can get information about the chatbot by selecting “About Sammy the Sailing Bot,” from the main menu. The chatbot will tell you why the developer chose the name “Sammy.” You can also know about the building process and the developer responsible for creating the chatbot. If you select “Future Ready Sailor,” the chatbot would give you information about a new experiential and innovative program designed to empower and inspire youths throughout Singapore.




Sammy the Sailing Bot is a wonderful and informative chatbot available on Facebook Messenger. As all the options available on the chatbot’s main menu work properly, you can use all its features without running into any errors. If you are confused or the chatbot isn’t answering your questions, you can always get in touch with the customer service representatives. The chatbot also gives you information about various types of programs available.


Are you interested in giving this chatbot a shot on Facebook Messenger? If yes, then click here to start interacting with Sammy the Sailing Bot!


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