Sentinel Chatbot Review

Sentinel Chatbot Review

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Before you delve deep into a chatbot review, it is important to know what exactly a chatbot is and why the world is producing more and more of them.


Chatbots are bots that automatically respond to messages sent by customers and clients. A bot is a type of program developed by a software engineer. Automation is the demand for almost every industry. Thus, chatbots come in handy when businesses engage with customers online. There are many benefits to having a chatbot at your business’ disposal. For instance, if you have a chatbot, there will be no need for a separate messaging app for your business. Apart from that, you can also cut costs in the human resources department if you make use of chatbots. One chatbot which is becoming more and more popular among online shoppers is sentinel.


Sentinel chatbot


Sentinel is an amazing personal chatbot that keeps track of the prices of products on Amazon. It is a common practice to raise and lower the prices of a product or service during particular periods of time. Almost every service provider and product seller on the internet practice this method in order to maximize profit. When the product or service is not in demand, the prices are lowered. On the other hand, when the service or the product is in demand, the prices are raised. One good example of this practice would be sales. Steam sales, for instance, features games and software available at major discounts. However, the problem that customers face is that most of the time, they are not notified of a product or service’s price being altered.


That is where Sentinel chatbot comes in. This chatbot lets the user know when there is a change in the price of a product or service. With the help of Sentinel chatbot, the user is able to save money and purchase a particular product or service when it is priced at its lowest. The chatbot focuses primarily on Amazon. All you need to do is send the link of a product to Sentinel, and the chatbot lets you know whenever there is a change in the product’s price. Sentinel alerts the user through Facebook messenger. Therefore, an account on Facebook is necessary if the user wants to use the services of this chatbot.


Shopping for a bargain can be a tedious task. You have to wait for the right time for the right purchase. The value of no commodity is constant, and that is a fact. If you’re an experienced shopper, you’re probably aware of that fact. Technology makes our life easier. For shoppers, sentinel does this job very efficiently. Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about the prices. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to keep checking Amazon. Thus, you’ll save time, and in this age, time is money. Sentinel will save your time as well as your money. Plus, it will provide you with the thrill of shopping without you having to worry about getting duped.


Shopping on the internet is a skill. It has to be honed. However, with sentinel, you wouldn’t need that skill anymore. This chatbot will help you save thousands, depending upon how often you shop online. It’s a very good idea to make use of this chatbot’s services if you are a frequent online shopper. To be honest, everyone shops online these days. People get better prices online and also better customer service. For instance, they can return an item within a set period of time if they do not find it satisfactory. Moreover, they can shop from the comfort of their home. All of these perks of online shopping only increases the relevancy of sentinel chatbot and similar chatbots.


Due to its very easy-to-use nature, users don’t find any problem with availing of its services. The fact that almost everyone is on Facebook these days also makes this chatbot pretty popular. As sentinel uses Facebook messenger to notify its users of the change in prices. Due to its elegant design and desirable utility, this chatbot is rising the ranks.




Sentinel is becoming more and more popular among online shoppers. More specifically, it has captured the demographics of middle-aged urban middle-class and senior citizens who have trouble finding the best price online. Middle-class and lower-middle-class tend to focus more on the prices, and sentinel facilitates the process of them finding the best price.


On the other hand, senior citizens are more often than not baffled by technology, and activities that occur in the virtual space like shopping can confuse them. Here, chatbots like sentinels come in handy. Sentinel reduces the amount of work an individual has to put in while looking for the best prices.


Most users have only given this chatbot positive reviews due to its utility and easy-to-use nature. It is simple yet effective. However, it is possible that in the near future, the chatbot will begin to offer more services related to online shopping.


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