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Sift Bot Review

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Developers create chatbots to streamline various processes, such as communicating with consumers, help with online bookings, and check room availability. However, there has never been a bot which can perform different functions to fulfill all the demands of customers. Enter Sift Bot, a chatbot which aims to solve different pain points.
It uses computational knowledge engine, which helps it answer a variety of questions without any problems. According to the developer of this bot, it understands queries in natural language. You don’t have to remember any commands or follow any patterns to communicate with the bot. Also, the developer claims that the chatbot continues to learn with time. Due to this reason, if it doesn’t have answers to your questions, it will know how to respond in the future. Let’s take a proper look at the chatbot to find out how it will communicate with real users.


Sift Bot, is available on the following platforms – Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Telegram. For this test, we will test the chatbot on Facebook Messenger and Telegram, to get a complete feel of its functionality.
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If you are on the social media messaging platform Facebook Messenger, you need to grant the chatbot permission to start communicating with it. As soon as you select “Get Started,” the bot will start giving you examples of how you can use its features. For every command, the bot will ask you to select the button, to give you an idea of how it works.
According to Sift Bot, it can search for the following things:

• Cricket Scores
• Definitions
• News
• Weather
• Web
• Wikipedia
• YouTube

When you type “Cricket Scores” in the chat, the bot will start displaying all the ongoing matches in this sport. For every game, the chatbot gives you a brief description of which team is leading the fixture. If you want, you can ask the bot to show the complete score of the game or share the information with your family and friends via Facebook Messenger. After using this feature for a while, it is safe to say you can rely on Sift Bot to give you the latest cricket scores.

The bot allows you to find the definitions of different words, without having to use Google or other popular dictionaries. To test out this feature, we asked the chatbot the meaning of idiom. Not only did the bot give us a proper definition, but it also provided an example, to help understand how to use this word in sentences. If the bot cannot find the word or you are searching for explicit content, it will inform you immediately.
Sift Bot gives you the opportunity to search for the latest developments in the world, without leaving Facebook Messenger. However, despite asking the bot to look for news regarding various topics, it told us that it doesn’t have sufficient information to help us out. After several tries, we decided to test out the other features, as the news functionality is not working at the moment.

Moving on, in “Weather” the chatbot gives you information about the current meteorological conditions in any city. For example, if you type “what is the weather in Singapore,” the bot will give you the current temperature in °C and °F respectively. At the same time, it gives you the humidity and wind speed. If you select “Get Forecast,” the bot will tell you about the sunrise and sunset times in every place.
The bot allows you to search for videos on YouTube on your topic of interest. For example, if you type “vids about Singapore,” the bot shows videos about the country. If you select “See More,” the bot will take you to YouTube, so that you can take a look at the content.

Sift Bot gives you the freedom to search for information on Wikipedia. We believe this is a useful feature if you are a student who wants quick access to data to complete projects and assignments. Depending on what you search, the bot will provide links to related and relevant information.

One of the best features of Sift Bot is that you can use it to find all types of articles and blog posts. In other words, it behaves like a search engine, but without the need to ever use or visit one. For example, “How good is fallout” gives you results about the video game, which explains the quality of the series.


Minus the news feature, every other functionality of Sift Bot works as expected. With this bot, you can search for almost anything you can think of, via Facebook Messenger. It provides a lot of information, along with links to check out the content. Sift Bot is accurate and responsive, which makes it a delight to communicate and utilize all its features.

If you want to make Facebook Messenger behave like a search engine, do take a look at this chatbot!
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