SingLife Chatbot Review

SingLife Chatbot Review

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Singapore Life, a company which offers life insurance to customers, launched a chatbot known as SingLife recently. The company wants life insurance to be more accessible and understood by the public. SingLife comes with self-learning and predictive modeling, allowing the chatbot to help customers find the insurance. How will this chatbot interact with us when we try out its features?

As Singapore Life wants their customers to have easy access to SingLife, the company used Facebook Messenger as its platform. After finding the chatbot on the messaging app, you will have to select on “Get Started,” from the bottom of the screen. The chatbot will give you a brief introduction about itself, before asking you to pick from the following options:

• Find the right plan• Browse products• How much do I need?

Let’s find out what will happen when you select “Find the right plan.” The chatbot will start talking about the different people who are important in your life. It will ask you a series of questions to determine how many people you have to support, such as your parents, partner, and children. It will then ask you if you already have any life insurance in place and why you didn’t get one. After you complete the questionnaire, the chatbot will try to help you understand how much coverage is important for your dependents to lead a good life.

The chatbot comes with a coverage calculator to give you an idea of life insurance. The good thing about this calculator is that it is a pop-up, allowing you to find the right coverage conveniently. The calculator consists of various questions such as your mortgage, savings, existing coverage, annual income, and the number of dependents to name a few. After you enter the values, the calculator will give a breakdown of all your costs to show you how much coverage is possible.

Now that you are aware of the coverage your family needs, the chatbot will ask you to select from “Purchase online,” “Tell me more,” and “Why SingLife?” If you select “Tell me more,” the chatbot will tell you how life insurance works. “Why SingLife?” gives you several reasons why you should opt for life insurance from the company. If you select “Purchase online,” the chatbot will redirect you to the official website, where you have to answer a couple of questions before you can pick the right type of life insurance.

“Browse products,” will show you the different policies offered by the company. At present, you can avail “Term Life, Universal Life, and Stay Active.” Each product has three options, allowing you to obtain more information. For example, when you select “Key Benefits” for “Term Life,” the chatbot will tell you that you can get coverage worth up to SG$2 million, without undergoing any additional medical examination. Upon selecting “How to purchase,” the chatbot tells you about the different ways to obtain life insurance. For example, you have the liberty of leaving an inquiry with the company’s support staff, who will get in touch with you.

The insurance plans also come with add-ons, which allow you to cover issues such as disabilities and critical illnesses. The chatbot also tells you about the list of diseases which the insurance will cover so that you don’t run into surprises in the future. The other options such as “How do I get this?” and “Tell me more!” will take you to the official website.

The option “How much do I need?” will ask you to use the coverage calculator. If you are not convinced about getting insurance from Singapore Life, the chatbot will help you make this decision. It comes with a comparison feature, which shows you the rates of insurance from different companies. According to the estimates shown by the chatbot, Singapore Life is the cheapest policy available in the market.

The option “Health Tips,” gives you advice on how to lead a healthy life while living in Singapore. The chatbot will give you basic tips on how to live your life. Similarly, it will also show videos, making it easy to stay healthy.

SingLife is a great insurance chatbot, which gets the job done in an efficient and effective manner. As described by the company, SingLife will help you understand life insurance so that you can make the right choice. It comes with a calculator, which helps you to break down the coverage so that you understand how much you need for all your requirements.

The chatbot gives a complete description of the different life insurance policies available, such as the key benefits and add-ons. If the chatbot is unable to help you out, you can always get in touch with the company’s customer service representative. It also redirects you to Singapore Life’s official website, where you can purchase the right life insurance policy.

If you want to test this chatbot, to see if it can recommend the perfect life insurance, click here!

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