Skyscanner Chatbot Review

Skyscanner Chatbot Review

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Skyscanner, an online platform where you can find the cheapest flights around the world, released their chatbot for Facebook Messenger and Skype. The chatbot by Skyscanner is a travel chatbot, aimed to make it easier to find and book flights. Will the chatbot live up to our expectations? Let’s find out!

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You can get Skyscanner’s chatbot on Facebook Messenger or Skype. On Facebook Messenger, you have to select “Get Started” to activate the chatbot. After activation, the chatbot will introduce itself and enquire about where you want to go. Here, you can type in the place you want to visit. If you have no idea about where you want to go, you can either select “Don’t Know” or “Show Weekend Trips.”

If you select either of the options shown by Skyscanner, the chatbot will enquire about where you want to start your trip. You can either provide your location or type in the name of the city. Once the chatbot knows about your location, you can set it as your home airport to make it faster and easier to book tickets. The chatbot will then show you nine cities that are close to your home town. The chatbot will also display the price of the flight to each city and route tips. If you want to visit a particular city, you have to select it on Facebook Messenger. The chatbot will ask you when you would like to catch a flight and if you are coming back to your home city. After the chatbot has the details, it will show three cheapest flights to that city.

If you select book, the chatbot will redirect you to official Skyscanner page, where you can finish booking the flight. You can ask the chatbot to show you the top 10 cheapest flights to that city or give you price alerts. If you ask the chatbot to give you price alerts, the chatbot will track the price of the flight every day. Any time there is a price drop, the chatbot will inform you on Facebook Messenger.

You can also ask the chatbot to give you route tips about the city you are planning on visiting. The chatbot will tell you which weekday the flight prices are the cheapest. You can also see the demand for the flight over the week. The chatbot has the capability to tell you which month is the cheapest. The chatbot will tell you about the demand for the flight throughout the year. Last, but not the least,  you will also know about how many weeks in advance you should book flight tickets to get the cheapest rates.

For example, when conversing with the chatbot, and it asks you where you would like to go, you tell it that you don’t know. The chatbot will then ask you where you want to catch the flight, and you say Singapore. The chatbot will show you flights to Penang, Jakarta, Krabi, Chennai, Ho Chi Minh City, Kalibo, Cebu, Bangkok, Yangon, Bali, Dhaka, and Amsterdam.


Overall, Skyscanner released a good travel chatbot on Facebook Messenger and Skype. The chatbot will give you a list of the cheapest flights, depending on your location. You also have the option of setting any location as your home city, to make it easier to book flights with Skyscanner. You can get important information regarding the demand and price for every flight throughout the year. You can also ask the chatbot to give you price alerts on various flights on Facebook Messenger.

All in all, Skyscanner chatbot does make it easier to find and book the cheapest flights. Give the chatbot a go on Facebook Messenger and Skype!


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