Sophie Style Bot Review

Sophie Style Bot Review

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Launched in November 2016 by Mon Style, Sophie Style Bot was designed to make online shopping an easy and pleasurable experience. According to its developers, the bot is a personal shopper and stylist, based on your needs and tastes. Is the bot capable of dealing with customers or is it just a marketing gimmick? Let’s take a look.


On opening Facebook Messenger, you have to select get started to activate the chatbot. The bot will introduce itself and give you tips on how you can use it effectively. After you get to know the basics, the bot will ask you for your name. You can select from the options displayed on the chat or you can type a name of your choice. The bot will then ask you for your gender. If you select male, the bot will inform you that it is still under development and it doesn’t have any menswear at the moment. It will apologize that it is unable to help you, but it will provide style tips for men. However, the chatbot will tell you that it can send you a message when the clothing for men become available.

If you go for a woman instead of a man, the bot will tell you that it needs to create a style profile so that it can suggest products you will like. The bot will provide a link to a style quiz, to create a style manual based on your look, lifestyle, and taste. You can ask the bot why you have to take the quiz or what is a style profile and it will provide satisfactory answers.

To form a style profile, you have to answer the style quiz by Mon Style. There are eight questions to be answered and each question has six options. Once you’ve completed the quiz, the chatbot will tell you everything about your style profile. It will even provide a link to your style profile.

After your style profile has been created, the chatbot will ask you what you want to do today. You can choose from Let’s Talk, Shopping, and Get Inspiration. If you select Let’s talk, you will get to advise on fashion and style from Fashion ABC.

If you selected Shopping, the chatbot will ask you what you if you want to search for products, compare products or if you’re just browsing. Upon selecting search products, you will have to select from a variety of categories such as accessories, bags, dresses, footwear jackets, jeans, jumpsuits, knitwear, skirts, tops, trousers, and more. Based on what you select, the bot will display six products. For example, if you chose footwear, the bot will ask you to select a color. Based on what color is picked, various products will be displayed. If you hit shop, the chatbot will redirect you to Mon Style’s web page where you complete the purchase.

If you chose Get Inspiration, the chatbot will ask you if you want style inspiration or style tips or fashion quotes.


Overall, Sophie Style Bot has been designed really well. You don’t feel like you are talking to a chatbot as the conversation flows smoothly. If the bot doesn’t understand what you are trying to say or if a product is unavailable, it will apologize on its behalf. It suggests products based on your style profile. If you want another style profile, you can ask the bot to reset your results. As you converse with the bot, it will get to know you better and suggest products that you will like for sure. Get the Sophie Style Bot on Facebook Messenger today!

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