TARA Chatbot Review

TARA Chatbot Review

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Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Automation or TARA is a chatbot created for the future. It is a recruitment chatbot which aims to help out small businesses by connecting them with freelancers. When the chatbot got released, it generated a lot of interest in the world. Let’s find out why the world is talking about TARA.


TARA feels like it is from the future as it helps companies get in touch with freelance contractors for writing marketing copy and blog posts, designing a logo, and building a website or an app to name a few. It is one of the few chatbots available in the world that is capable of achieving this feat. This chatbot is mainly aimed at start-up recruiters to ease their burden of hiring the best talent for their business. The majority of the start-ups don’t have the resources or time to hire contractors for projects. Finding the right talent that will fit into such companies is an uphill task for recruiters. However, with TARA, the entire process has become easier than ever. TARA has a set of over 50,000 software engineers to security engineers, even those who work at NASA at its disposal.

To start off, you need to open the chatbot. You need to add the details of your project to the product builder. For example, you can tell the chatbot that you want to build a website for your company within the next 20 days. The chatbot will then ask you where you need help such as design work, back-end, and front-end. You can tell it what you want. Then, the bot will ask you the type of functionality required. Here you can tell the chatbot that you are interested in displaying your products to potential customers, with the option of checkout. You can also tell it about the type of products you are trying to sell.

The chatbot analyzes your company’s Github when you apply for its services. It assesses the languages used, the intricacy of coding, and similar factors to understand the required skill level for the job. It will then analyze the historic data for the time taken to complete similar projects and calculate the average. It will also take the pay rate of the freelancers into consideration before presenting the applicant company with the final quotes. This will contain the total cost of the project and the time required to complete the project. If you wish to talk to the manager in charge of the project, TARA will send a link so that you can schedule a call.

Unlike most other chatbots in the market, TARA is fully capable of understanding English because of ability to process natural language. When you tell the chatbot about your requirements, it will ask you a series of questions so that it can have a better idea about what service is to be provided. Within a span of 24 hours, TARA will assign your project a contractor.


You finally begin to understand why the world is excited by the chatbot TARA. It isn’t just a marketing gimmick to gain the attention of the masses. The developers of TARA are planning on enhancing its ability by enabling it to give out updates about the project to you. TARA shows the world how powerful a chatbot can be if it is designed properly. It was made to ease the process of recruiting and it does the job exceptionally well. In fact, it helped 50 companies complete 60 projects last year.

If you are finding it hard to find the right employees for your company, why don’t you give TARA a shot?


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