TechCrunch Chatbot Review

TechCrunch Chatbot Review

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TechCrunch released their technology news chatbot on Facebook Messenger and Telegram. Based on your preferences, the chatbot will show you technology news stories. Will the chatbot live up to our expectations? Let’s find out!

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TechCrunch made their chatbot for Facebook Messenger and Telegram using the ChatFuel platform. To activate the chatbot on Facebook Messenger, you have to select “Get Started.” The chatbot will introduce itself, telling you it is an AI-based assistant for TechCrunch. The chatbot will tell you that it will send a digest of the latest technology stories once a day. The chatbot will ask you if you are interested in its services.

If you select “Ok, What Else”, the chatbot will tell you about what it is capable of doing on Facebook Messenger. The chatbot will then show you the main menu, where you can manage your subscriptions and find out more about the bot.

If you select “About this bot”, the chatbot will tell you that it wants the be the number one guide for all tech news. It will tell you which platform is powering the chatbot. You can send feedback to TechCrunch so that they can improve their chatbot. The chatbot will also ask you if you are interested in creating a chatbot. If you are keen on doing so, the chatbot will redirect you to ChatFuel’s official website.

Moving on to the main functions of the chatbot, you can check out the most popular and latest headlines on TechCrunch. You also have the option of subscribing to either two on Facebook Messenger. When you subscribe to tech news, the chatbot will send you the latest and most popular news on Facebook Messenger.

If you ask the chatbot to show you the most popular stories on TechCrunch, it will send you five articles on Facebook Messenger. If you want to see the content of each article, the chatbot will redirect you to TechCrunch’s official website. You also have the option of sharing these new articles with your family and friends on Facebook Messenger.

You can also look for tech news articles based on your interests. For example, if you type Elon Musk on Facebook Messenger, the chatbot will go through TechCrunch’s news feed to find five articles about the man behind Tesla. You also have the option of looking for more stories about Elon Musk. If you like what you see, you can subscribe and get news about Elon Musk every day. You can also search for news articles about Facebook on TechCrunch.

The chatbot will also suggest latest news articles on TechCrunch. If you want the chatbot to show you the latest news articles, you just have to type “latest” or “latest news.”

The chatbot has natural language processing, which means that it can understand everything you want to say. For example, if you tell the chatbot that you want news about Samsung, it will show you articles about Samsung on Facebook Messenger.


All in all, TechCrunch’s tech news chatbot on Facebook Messenger and Telegram is well designed. The developers put a lot of thought and effort while making this chatbot. The chatbot will give you news update regarding technology on a daily basis. The news articles it gets are pulled out from TechCrunch’s news feed. The chatbot will give you the most popular and latest news stories on TechCrunch. You also have the option of searching for tech news with the help of the chatbot. On top of that, the developers included natural language processing in the chatbot’s programming.

Do give TechCrunch’s chatbot a try on Facebook Messenger and Telegram!


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