Telegram Explorer Chatbot Review

Telegram Explorer Chatbot Review

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Telegram, one of the best messaging platforms available on both Google Play Store and App Store, comes with a myriad of features. For instance, you can use chatbots on Telegram to act as the moderator for your group. You can also change the app’s color, search for users, and even start secret chats with your contacts.


However, not a lot of users know how to use this app to its complete potential. Telegram Explorer aims to solve this problem by educating users about this messaging platform. Let’s take a proper look at the Telegram Explorer to see how well it performs:




As the chatbot is available only on Telegram, you need to search for it on the app. As soon as you open the chat, the bot will give you a brief introduction of all the available features. Once you give it the necessary permission, it will inform you that the developer is looking for translators.


Before you can start using its features, it will ask you if you know about chatbots. If you say no, it will go in great length to explain bots on Telegram. In the next step, it will find out if you want to get tips on how to use Telegram every day.


You get to pick from the following options on Telegram Explorer’s main menu:


  • Tips
  • Bot Store
  • Group Finder
  • Channel Finder
  • Sticker and Mask Finder
  • Settings
  • Help


When you select “Tips,” the chatbot will ask you if you want to know a random one or choose from categories such as productivity, all chats, and fun features. With the help of this information, you can learn how to make the most of Telegram. One category under “Tips” was “productivity,” where it suggests bots to make your life easy. For example, there are several chatbots you can use, which will send remainders or download videos from YouTube. At the same time, it also asks you to check out the store, if you want to know more about bots.


Going to the “Bot Store,” Telegram Explorer will ask you to pick from the following options:


  • Top Bots
  • Trending Bots
  • Recent Bots
  • Categories
  • Search Bots


If you select “Top Bots,” it will suggest the best chatbots on Telegram. It gives you the link to those bots so that you can add them to your contact group immediately. Also, you get a brief introduction on every chatbot, so that you can decide which one suits your needs. You can ask Telegram Explorer to keep suggesting bots available on the messaging platform. Also, it shows you how many users on Telegram rated it. One thing to note is that this bot will only recommend a handful of chatbots, despite hundreds of them being available.


However, if you create a chatbot, you can add it to Telegram Explorer’s list. You have to answer several questions regarding the bot, such as username, type, and languages it can understand. Towards the end, you have to let it know if you are a developer or a user of the recommended chatbot.


Similarly, you can use the bot to find groups, which meet your preferences. If you want to know which ones are interesting to follow, you can select “Top Groups,” from the bot’s menu. Like the earlier option for chatbots, Telegram Explorer will recommend some of the best groups on the messaging platform. You can also add a public group to the bot’s list, by following the instructions. However, you need to enter the link to the group, rather than the name.


Moving to the next option, “Channel Finder,” the bot lets you find broadcast groups with the least number of taps. You can look for channels under different categories, to see which one suits your tastes. Similarly, you have the option of searching for the channels, if you can’t find the right one.


Under “Sticker & Mask Finder,” the bot allows you to look for sticker packs. It gives you a sample image, giving you the opportunity to know if you want to download them. If you go to the “Settings,” you can change the way the bot interacts with you. For instance, you can opt for a different language or choose a different time for the daily tips. There is the option of disabling this feature if you don’t want to receive notifications from the bot on a regular basis.


The last option “Help” will give you a complete description of how to use this chatbot. For example, it will explain the bot store and along with its features.




Overall, Telegram Explorer is a handy chatbot, if you want to learn everything about this messaging platform. There are several useful features, which make it easy to find groups, channels, stickers, and bots. It is also straightforward to add the same to Telegram Explorer’s list.


Interested in giving this chatbot a shot on Telegram? Click here to start interacting with Telegram Explorer today!


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