The Clan Chatbot Review

The Clan Cafe Facebook Messenger Chatbot Review

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The world we currently live in believes in quick responses, and this especially holds true for businesses. You could be someone who is just starting, or you are probably someone who has had an empire for a while now; regardless, chatbots are something you should invest in.


Why is a Chatbot Essential

Chatbots serve various purposes. Some of them include scaling up business operations, handling a lot of customer queries at once, assisting customers who are looking for the same category of services, and so on. They also help you market your business through several online channels, improve the efficiency of your organization, and also enable you to sell to the millennials.

A Facebook Messenger chatbot, in particular, allows you to reach both new and old customers since Facebook is an app used by plenty of individuals. It’s for this very reason that Singapore’s Clan Cafe has an efficient Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Clan Cafe is a staple name when it comes to scrumptious food. Having a soothing décor and an eclectic variety of food items, the restaurant caters to numerous groups. From soups and salads to grain bowls and brunch options, Clan Cafe pretty much has it all. The cafe was also featured at Eatbook, exploring its food, ambiance, and beyond. Additionally, it has a Facebook Messenger Chatbot that the customers can reach out to whenever required.


Clan Cafe Facebook Messenger Chatbot Review


There are many reasons why the Facebook Messenger chatbot of Clan Cafe is competent and dependable. It has a blend of stellar characteristics that make it an effective medium of communication between the business and its customers. Some of the features that make this Facebook Messenger chatbot stand out are as follows:


  • It uses natural language: The customers usually know when they’re interacting with a chatbot. However, they don’t wish for the conversation to be completely robotic. Clan Cafe’s chatbot uses natural language to engage in conversations with customers and answer all their queries. The language it employs is as human-like as you can expect from an efficient chatbot, and beyond. It’s also empathetic towards the problems of its customers, offering apologies and expressing sympathy whenever needed.


  • It’s analytical and smart: Clan Cafe’s Facebook Messenger chatbot is extremely smart and analytical. It can predict the question an individual is about to ask next, and then craft its response accordingly. The chatbot also gives helpful suggestions whenever possible.


  • Learns and remembers information quickly: One of the best features of Clan Cafe’s Facebook Messenger chatbot is that you don’t have to repeat all your information to it over and over again. If there’s something specific that you have already shared in the past, it will remember it and give you the details or instructions accordingly.


  • It’s User-Focused and Personalized: The fact that it’s user-focused is one of the essential qualities of this restaurant’s Facebook Messenger chatbot. Not only does it remember its customer’s name and previous issues, but it also adjusts its tone and way of messaging as per these details. For instance, if a customer’s order has been canceled for some reason, the chatbot offers empathy and an alternate solution instead of being nonchalant about it.


  • It’s secure and accessible: Safety is the prime feature consumers look for these days, and the same is applicable for chatbots as well. Clan Cafe’s chatbot ensures that the data of its customers are safe. It’s extremely transparent about the data it collects and stores and what it’s going to be used for. The customers can also choose to not opt for data collection if they so desire. In addition to being secure, the chatbot is also accessible. Its accessibility allows it to be used by everyone, regardless of what language they speak or if there’s any hearing or visual impairment involved.


  • It’s thorough: The chatbot doesn’t just give basic answers to queries. Instead, it explores the internet as thoroughly as possible and comes up with the most accurate answers. With the improvement of the customer knowledge base, the chatbot’s answers have evolved over time as well, which in turn has enabled it to analyze which of the answers are useful and which aren’t.

The fact that its research is thorough is reflected in other ways as well, which entails that the information it receives is conveyed across other digital support channels, too. For example, say that you’ve given the chatbot your details such as your contact number, email address, or order number. If the chatbot then transfers you to another website, all of these details are automatically saved and reflected in whatever forms you need to fill.


If you’re planning on contacting Clan Cafe through Facebook Messenger, you can be sure about the fact that the response you receive will be satisfactory. Brought to you by Robust Tech House. Want to build a chatbot? Drop us a note!

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