The Investor JLL Chatbot Review

The Investor JLL Chatbot Review

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Chatbots are essential to business operations today. Many of these AI-powered virtual assistants can be added to company webpages, apps, Slack, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and even WhatsApp to give customers the support they need and find answers to customer queries instantly. Chatbots can help businesses engage leads while also supporting the new and present customers of a business. They’re equally important to the real estate and investment sector as customers are seeking accurate information with regard to such sectors that can aid in their decision making.




JLL is a Fortune 500 firm that operates in more than 80 countries with a global workforce of over 93,000. It’s a leading firm for professional services offered in the specialized field of real estate as well as investment management. The firm is committed to creating a better world of tomorrow where people can be enabled to achieve their desires.


The Investor


The Investor is JLL’s content hub featuring all the latest news, research, thought leadership, and opportunities for investment from the real estate and investment market across the world.


Need for The Investor JLL


Although The Investor received more than 45,000 unique hits on a monthly basis since its launch, the number of quality leads it was generating in return didn’t meet the company’s expectations. This gave rise to a need for the company to find a way to bridge the gap between visitors to the content hub and the number of qualified leads generated. Visitors to The Investor needed to be engaged in an effort to turn them into leads. This gap gave rise to the need for The Investor JLL Chatbot.


The solution – Investor JLL Chatbot


JLL approached Brew Interactive for support in leveraging visitors to the website and amplifying all lead generation tactics. It was Brew Interactive’s suggestion for JLL to begin using artificial intelligence-powered chatbots to engage more visitors and boost conversion rates from The Investor content hub.


The Investor JLL Chatbot utilizes natural language processing for the interpretation of a user’s intent. Data is captured via conversations with users. User intent was first comprehended, whether it be looking for insights, enquiring about investment opportunities, or downloading a particular research report. The manner in which users came to visit the site was also analyzed in an effort to enable faster goal attainment and customer support.


The Investor JLL Chatbot was developed by Brew Interactive to enable conversation flow. It was also integrated with JLL’s marketing automation tool, Eloqua. Mapping out of the conversation flow and understanding user data was necessary to align The Investor JLL Chatbot with the objectives of a business.


The Investor JLL Chatbot to serve people


The Investor JLL Chatbot helps speed up interactions with website visitors and offers a quick solution in the form of a knowledge base that customers can approach to clear any queries that they may have.


With the help of The Investor JLL Chatbot, commercial real estate investors will be able to find out more about some of the most pertinent issues in the industry and get real estate insights instantly. They can also ask for details on a specific property that they may wish to sell, buy, or even lease. They will also have access to information about investment opportunities in the real estate sector that they can take advantage of.


Through The Investor JLL Chatbot, users will have to select their responses from among the options provided. This will then direct them to articles relevant to their interest area. The Investor JLL Chatbot also checks if they would want to receive the relevant information via mail. If a user has a query that the JLL Chatbot can’t offer help with, it automatically requests for the user’s contact details so that someone from the JLL team can get in touch with the user and provide them with the assistance they need on the matter. This makes it easy for users to have access to any information they need in the real estate and investment sector. 24/7 assistance is made possible with the use of the JLL Chatbot, relieving actual agents from the task of personally sorting out user queries and dealing with similar questions over and over again. Being an AI-powered chatbot means that the system doesn’t tire and can serve customers with peak functioning no matter when doubts are asked. This is not possible with human agents.


JLL and customers reaping the benefits of The Investor JLL Chatbot


In only 2.5 months from its launch, The Investor JLL Chatbot received a user engagement rating of 50% (overall), which was a lot more than the initial goal of achieving a 17% engagement rate. Twelve times more leads were received from The Investor with the help of the chatbot, and the bounce rate dropped by 32%. Narrowing down on the target audience has also been possible using the chatbot, and there has been an increase of 45% in site dwelling time.


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