Trading Bot Review

Trading Bot Review

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One of the greatest advantages of trading in stocks and other financial markets is that it gives you the opportunity to increase your money. Also, you get to diversify your portfolio, allowing you to make up for any losses you face over time. However, to be in this industry, it is important that you are up-to-date with the latest trends. At the same time, you need to have access to information at all times, so that you can make the right decisions quickly.

To help people in this industry, the developers created a chatbot known as Trading Bot. The chatbot specializes in providing market data so that you can have more control over your portfolio. How will this chatbot perform in the real world when we test out its features for trading?


As Facebook Messenger has more than one billion users, you can understand why the developers chose to use this app as the platform for Trading Bot. After you open the link to the chatbot, you have to select “Get Started,” from the bottom of the screen to start conversing with it.

The chatbot gives you a brief introduction about itself, before asking you to pick from the following options in its main menu:

  • Stocks
  • Cryptos
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Currencies
  • ETFs

When you select “Stocks,” the chatbot will ask you to pick the ones you want to follow, by adding them to its watchlist. Amazon, Apple, Google, Tesla, Twitter, Microsoft, Netflix, Coca-Cola, and Alibaba are some of the stocks you can keep an eye on, with the help of this chatbot. You have to pick a minimum of three stocks before you can start using its watchlist feature.

The watchlist consists of all the stocks you follow, along with their current performance in the market. Each stock has three options – chart, unfollow, and trade. If you select “Chart,”  Trading Bot redirects you to a different website (eToro), where you can take a closer look at the stock. If you select “Trade,” the chatbot will find out if you want to buy or sell those stocks. Depending on your answer, the chatbot will inquire about how much want to invest or sell the stocks. After collecting the necessary information, it redirects you to eToro, where you can follow through with your decision. However, you should know that you need to have an account with this website before you can participate in the stock market.

Trading Bot has commands for its “Stocks” feature, which makes it easier to use the chatbot. For example, if you type “search aapl/apple,” the chatbot will show you the current status of Apple’s stocks. Similarly, when you type “help trading,” it gives you information on how to trade using its built-in commands.

The option “Cryptos,” allows you to track different types of cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, and Dash to name a few. Just like stocks, you can add them to your watchlist. One thing to note is that when you ask the chatbot to display the watchlist, it will show you all the ones you follow. With cryptocurrencies, you can look at the chart, unfollow, and trade in these assets.

All the other options from the main menu, such as indices, commodities, currencies, and ETF’s behave in the same manner as stocks and cryptos. If you get stuck in conversation or you want to start again, you can type “Get Started” in the chatbox. When you type “Get Portfolio,” the chatbot will ask if you have an account with eToro. Upon saying yes, the chatbot will ask you to enter your username, so that it can display your portfolio on Facebook Messenger. The chatbot will always ask you to confirm your profile, before pulling the information.

There is a new feature, called “Challenge,” where you can invite your friends to this competition. There are two options available in this feature – invite to challenge and rename challenge.


After careful testing of Trading Bot’s features, we can say that the chatbot performs as per our expectations. Its features make it easier to keep track of all the latest developments in the stock industry so that you can make smart choices with your investments. The chatbot allows you to follow stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, currencies, and ETFs, which makes it versatile.

Once you add the assets to your watchlist, you can analyze them closely, with the “chart” feature. If the assets no longer interest you, the chatbot gives you the freedom to unfollow them. With this chatbot, you can trade the assets, through the website eToro. If you have an account on this website, Trading Bot can pull your portfolio and display it on Facebook Messenger.

If you are interested in making the right decisions in the stock market or you want to test out this chatbot, click here!

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