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Here is Trix, a Chatbot which Answers all Insurance-Related Questions

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These days, the experience consumers have with companies determines whether they will invest in the products and services offered by businesses. Due to this reason, organizations are trying to come up with different ways to provide greater support to their customers.

In the insurance industry, it is challenging for consumers to understand different policies, due to the use of complex wordings. As a result, they may not choose the right coverage which will help them in the long run.

Etiqa Insurance, one of the leading online insurance companies in Singapore, came up with a unique solution to help its customers. They developed Trix, a chatbot which can address the needs of consumers in real time.

The bot is available on both their websites and Google Assistant, to improve accessibility and ease of use. Etiqa Insurance aims to make it easier for its customers to understand their policies. The company is well known for disrupting the industry, thanks to its incredible innovations. They have been using technology to improve customer experience, which impacts their business positively. Let us take a closer look at Trix, to evaluate its performance in real time.


If you want to use the chatbot, you need to head to the company’s official website and select the chat bubble, located at the bottom right of the screen. You can also talk to the bot, by activating Google Assistant and saying “Etiqa Insurance.”

On the site, you have to enter your name along with your email address, before you can start conversing with the bot. The chatbot gives a brief introduction, before asking you to select from the following options:

  • Elastiq
  • Fire
  • Home
  • Maid
  • Other products
  • Save3
  • Travel

When you choose “Elastiq,” the bot will give you the complete description of the policy. At the same time, it displays the following options:

  • Benefits
  • Death coverage
  • Flexible withdrawal
  • How to buy
  • Interest guaranteed
  • Loyalty bonus
  • Minimum premium
  • Universal life plan
  • Who can buy

Upon selecting “Benefits,” the bot will give you a small description of how you will benefit from this policy. For example, it will let you know how much your wealth will increase with crediting rates. It tells you about the withdrawals and top-ups you can use with this service, as it offers great financial flexibility. A good feature of the chatbot is that you don’t have to type anything, as the bot shows words you can choose.

Moving on, under the option “Home,” the bot will ask you to type keywords such as a quote or any insurance-related question to the topic. For example, if you enter “What does home insurance cover?” the bot will give you a list of cases which fall under the policy.

For “Travel,” the bot gives you the same response, as it does for “Home.” When you enter “Types of travel insurance,” the chatbot gives you all the information you need about this subject.

Every option you select from the menu, the bot will give you a complete description of the topic. On top of that, if you want additional information, it will provide you with a link to the official website.

If you wait for too long, the bot will ask you if you would like to continue talking with it, or if it can bring an end to the conversation. Also, when you ask several questions simultaneously, the chatbot will inform you that it is still in the process of learning and improving its services.

When you use the chatbot via Google Assistant, you won’t face any problems. The bot will give answers to all your queries immediately.


After using Trix for several hours, it is safe to say that the chatbot does an excellent job in helping out customers understand insurance policies. The bot makes its descriptions as simple as possible, to make life easy for consumers. At the same time, it goes into great depth, to make sure it covers all the points. Also, it gives the link to its website, if you want to take a closer look at the terms and conditions of the company’s insurance policies.

Trix is quite responsive and gives you appropriate replies within a couple of seconds. You no longer need to enter your queries (with the exception in a handful of circumstances), thanks to the bot’s built-in suggestion feature.

Do keep in mind that you cannot ask too many questions simultaneously, as the chatbot won’t understand the queries. It is quite easy to restart the conversation, allowing you to get back to the main menu within a couple of seconds.

Even the one available on Google Assistant can help consumers find answers to their queries.

Are you interested in finding more about the insurance policies offered by Etiqa Insurance? Click here to start talking to the chatbot, so that you can get the right type of coverage which meets your requirements!

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SingaporeChatbots reviewed Trix, Etiqa Insurance’s chatbot, designed to help customers with their queries. Excellent work from the developers, as the bot did an excellent job!


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