TutorSMS Chatbot Review

TutorSMS Chatbot Review

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Do you wish there was a chatbot that could help match you to relevant tutors? Well, now there is one! TutorSMS is the latest chatbot offering from Singapore’s spread of high-tech chatbots. It is a tutor-matching chatbot that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to ensure the right fit. Developed by Cude Pte. Ltd., an educational technology company, TutorSMS is only one among the many disruptions they have planned for the South East Asian learning technology industry.

TutorSMS provides you access to more than a thousand tutors. You can chat with the tutors residing or choosing to work in your area and find the one most compatible with your tutoring needs. TutorSMS promises to hook you up with suitable tutors according to your search within ten minutes only! Parents in Singapore can’t help lauding how beneficial installing and using the TutorSMS bot has been for their children seeking educational assistance. Most of them are surprised at the high-quality tutorial service they are been matched with.

Want a compatible tutor for your child in Singapore within 10 minutes? It’s time you tried TutorSMS!

Use TutorBot to Find Yourself a Suitable Tutor in 5 Easy Steps

You can use TutorBot to match with an applicable tutor by following the steps listed here –

  1. Sign Up – You need to create an account on TutorSMS, once you’ve installed the TutorSMS bot onto your device. Create an account yourself and then specify your unique needs as somebody looking for tutorial services. You don’t need to worry about the security of the information you share. Your information is protected with Bcrypt and AES-256-CBC encryption. You can read up more extensively on the privacy policy of TutorSMS on their official website.


  1. Begin Chatting with TutorSMS bot on your preferred chatting app – TutorBot allows you to use it on any chatting app of your preference. You may use WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other mobile chatting app that you might like, to chat with TutorSMS bot, and begin the matching process.


  1. Wait for Your Tutor Matches – Based on the specific requirements you seek to fill that you enter into the TutorSMS system, TutorSMS bot’s AI system matches you to 3 tutors. You are asked to rank these tutors and wait some more. If the tutors do not accept your request for tutoring, you are shown 3 more tutor matches that the bot’s AI matching system finds compatible with your specifications.



  1. Receive Payment Link for Officiating Services – When a tutor you’ve matched with accepts your requests, you are notified via chat, and a payment link is generated for you. You can use this payment link to finalize the services contract between you and your tutor. You are required to pay 50% of the first month’s fee upfront. You are offered a 25% discount on the monthly tuition fee each time you successfully match with a tutor displayed to you.


  1. Set Up Your Lesson – Once you’ve made the necessary payment, you can expect to receive your tutor’s contact details, which you can then use to schedule your first lesson with them. Alternatively, you can also wait until they’ve contacted you.

Singapore’s First Automated Tutor Matching Service Lives Up to its Promise

Finding the right tutor is not an easy task. You have to take into account your child’s learning needs and style. Recommendations and leads you might receive from your relatives may not be able to address these appropriately. Some parents reach out to tuition agencies, but these places rarely have your best interests as their priority.

TutorSMS was designed to help parents find the right sort of academic coaching for their children quickly. Additionally, the bot also empowers parents with the sheer amount of choice it makes available. Believe it or not, 10 minutes is all it takes. TutorSMS’s team of past students and tutors who developed the bot recognize how busy parents may be short on time to not be able to dedicate themselves to tutor searches that require a long time. With over 26 years of combined experience in designing convenient customer technology, they’ve ensured that the bot uses the best of AI and security servers to complete its task efficiently.

You may read up on the User Agreement and Refund Policy of TutorSMS bot from the TutorSMS website.

Grow Your Tutoring Career

TutorSMS provides tutors with a convenient and comfortable experience of gaining more students too. You can just as easily sign yourself up on the website as a tutor and mention your academic qualifications, work experience, and fee expectations. The process for a tutor from thereon is much the same as for a student/parent on the service looking for a tutor. Your profile will be displayed to prospective student matches and if they rank you well, you will be provided the option to accept their tutoring request or turning them down. Once you’ve accepted their request, they will receive a payment link which they will use to forward you half the amount of your first tutoring session. You can then contact them to set up this initial study session, after which you will receive the remaining money owed to you.

TutorSMS – a smart solution for students and tutors alike!

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