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Ways to Engage and Boost Audience Engagement with Chatbots to Ensure a Successful Event

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Conventions, conferences and events are the hub of business enterprise. Introduction of the Chatbot service right from making people aware of your presence at an event to getting informative feedback and polls; has brought the audience a more effective means to experience an exposition.

What Chatbots can do for Event Organisers

Event organisers have the perfect tool to spread awareness and create a phenomenal buzz that builds and gains momentum till curtain time. Here are some quick advantages of Chatbot development in Singapore at service events.

  • Chatbots lend the ability to drive and engage communication among sponsors, attendees, and speakers.
  • Capitalise on the opportunity to generate revenue from
    • Banner advertisements
    • Sponsorship
    • Availability of Premium exhibitor listings
    • Search optimized sponsored listing
    • Click and browse through business profiles
    •  Exhibitor logo
  • Keep on the ball and in the know how with Real time alerts and news bytes.
  • Get real time analysis and statistics of events as they transpire.
  • Learn who got received most traffic and gathered greater audiences with page and traffic or topic views analysis.
  • Use your Chatbot platform to keep your audience engaged with future event and exhibitions planned. Promote your forthcoming event calendar to an interested crowd.
  •  Chatbots are state of the art; enjoy the clout of presenting your exhibition as promoters and implementers of cutting edge technology.
  •  The ease and feasibility of Chatbots at your event open up the audience to events scheduled for the rest of the year. Ensure you get a great response every single time.

How Chatbots Benefit Exhibitors

  • Learn more about your target audience almost immediately, with instant updates of capture leads with the additional benefit of sending immediate collateral at the tap of a button.
  • Help your banner stand apart with a program that draws traffic to your banner adverts.
  • Gain the opportunity to share marketing collateral with prospect clients instantly in real time.
  • Build on the momentum and buzz of an exhibition to garner added sponsors or even present your business entity as a sponsor.
  • Technology couldn’t be a better friend with intelligent code that collects and integrates prospective client data in a flash.

How Chatbot can help Venue Owners

  • Get an in-depth look at the audience and their profiles with an increase in analytics from visitors and participants alike.
  • The ability to promote and create a wider buzz over amenities and services offered like availability of private gallery space, banquet services, accommodation facilities, and restaurants spread across the venue.
  • Supplement and augment brand value with a Chatbot application that boasts a venue-brand.
  • Create and enhance a positive reputation with value added services accessible to organisers alone.

All the Chatbot perks of being an Attendee

  • Get all the information you need on the move, eliminate the need to carry booklets, leaflets, or stacks of catalogues and folders. Walk around and browse with ease.
  • Regular updates of hot events, topics and seminars beeped right to your pocket.
  • Connect, meet and mingle with attendees from across the globe.
  • Find the right event or seminar, exhibitor or speaker with an easy search facility.
  • Avoid getting lost in the maze of booths and rooms with user friendly maps of exhibition floors, conference rooms, theatres, toilets, conference rooms and much more.
  • Create planned schedules each day to make the most of your time at the exhibition. Flag important must see speakers and sessions.
  • Post your queries online in real time Q&As
  • Stay informed on speakers, participants, and exhibitors present at the event.


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