Wysa Chatbot Review

Wysa Chatbot Review

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Use the Wysa ChatBot To Tackle Coronavirus Depression. A Single Chat Can Leave You Feeling So Much More Mentally Resilient!

Feelings of anxiety and depression are natural during such unprecedented times, as we are subject to contemporarily, due to the global Novel Coronavirus pandemic. Instead of trying to talk down these feelings of uneasiness, it is important to express them and validate them. Seeking therapy is no cause for shame, and if you find yourself struggling with your mental health, you should find yourself a psychologist or counselor to speak to. However, therapy can be expensive and therapists are constrained in their therapist-client relationships by certain rules of the profession. Wysa can be your easier and more convenient alternative!

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What is Wysa?

Developed in India by Jo Aggarwal and Ramakant Vempati, Wysa was released to the world in 2015 by their startup, Touchkin eServices. It is an AI based, emotionally intelligent bot that can provide you with mental support to help enhance your sense of wellbeing. It has recently been reviewed by ORCHA, renowned advisor on health app regulations, and recommended as the Best App Health & Care 2020. Aditionally, it has been identified as the best app to cope with stress and anxiety during Covid-19. Wysa is entirely anonymous and looks after its user’s privacy and safety by complying with NHS’s 0129 Standards.

Wysa has grown in popularity since its inception and boasts of more than 1.3m users. Apparently, the month-on-month repeat rate for the service is almost 50%.

How Does Wysa Work?

India has a burgeoning mental health problem and start-ups are gradually developing solutions-based services to cater to this. While most apps on the market which advertise themselves as providing easy access to mental health services focus on teaching users mindfulness techniques, Wysa works differently. Wysa is a conversation bot that interacts with you and provides you with responses derived from its AI during moments of distress. Think of it as a virtual coach who provides you a platform for an empathetic listening of your troubles and combines other therapeutic approaches such as CBT, motivational interviewing and meditation.

Besides the free chatbot service, Wysa also extends premium usage plans, which entitle you to a host of other useful facilities such as a personal coach, yoga routines, guided-positivity exercises, calming methods, and mindfulness. The paid plan also includes 1-2 counseling sessions of 30-45 minutes each per week. When compared to visiting a therapist in-person, Wysa’s virtual therapy sessions are far more affordable and sustainable.

Preserve Your Anonymity

Many individuals refrain from seeking professional help for their flailing mental health due to societal stigma. While this mindset needs to go, Wysa helps people who would otherwise find themselves ashamed to walk in to a therapist’s clinic to seek help. The app does not ask for any registration or authentication procedure to be observed before allowing users to benefit from its services. Absolutely anyone can download and use Wysa, as long as they have a smartphone and a valid Internet usage plan. You no longer need to fear being judged by your therapist. You can comfortably share your concerns and problems with them from under the guise of anonymity, and they’d cater to you all the same. In a way, Wysa functions as the modern avatar of a self-help group, helping connect anonymous users with access to trained mental health professionals and other empathetic, therapeutic responses.

Convenient Access to Mental Health Support Any Place and Any Time

If you are able to afford a therapist, you can use Wysa as your complementary mental health support services provider. While an in-person therapist can help you infinitely more sometimes than an online therapist or app can, there will always be availability issues constraining your human therapist. When you use Wysa, you can simply open the smartphone app at any time of the day that you feel yourself being plagued by disturbing thoughts. Wysa will step in with all the help it can offer in alleviating your condition.

Wysa is a game-changer in the field of AI chatbots. Most AI chatbots that were in existence below offered either insensitive or no replies to individuals seeking answers for difficult mental-health related questions. It is not so with Wysa. Wysa’s responses to your emotionally loaded questions are studied and empathetic. All responses have been strategically scripted by practicing mental health professionals from across the world afterall. Wysa is then protected from sounding out inappropriate and reckless messages or advice to users relying on it.

The commercial use of AI will only grow further in the years to come, and Wysa has already managed to successfully carve out a niche for itself in the healthcare app market. With its hundreds of self-care exercises designed and proposed by therapists and facility for daily messaging support, Wysa can help you cope with everything from a painful heartbreak to severe body image issues. The app comes highly rated on the App Store at 4.7, which means customers love it. What are you still waiting for? Having a tough day? Reach out to Wysa and watch how it helps make you feel better about the rest of your day in a matter of minutes.

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