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Chatbots have been around for a long time now. They are nifty computer software that are used in messenger apps.

There are many financial assistant chatbots on the internet. There isn’t a single best one out there as all of them are lacking in certain areas. However, some of them do their jobs better than others and cover more bases such as the Xason Financial Assistant chatbot.

What can the Xason Financial Assistant do?

 The Xason Financial Assistant can do many things. It can give you a summary of a watchlist you make as well as make smart daily highlights of that watchlist. It can also send you an email for your watchlist.

When asked about a watchlist that we didn’t set up, the chatbot delivered excellent article suggestions- an impressive response considering that we didn’t set up a watchlist. Many other chatbots would have replied with an error message.

The chatbot can also check the SGX (Singapore Exchange Limited) for current stock prices. It can also look up exchange rates such as between bitcoin to Singapore dollars and deliver them to you in a flash.

Apart from stock prices and exchange rates, the Xason Financial Assistant also does a stellar job of suggesting STI’s and giving suggestions on what to buy and sell in your watchlists. It can also tell you which stocks are similar too.

How easy is the Xason Bot to use?

 For now, you can only use the Xason Bot through Telegram. Telegram is available on Android, iOS, Windows phones as well as on PC. If you’d like to not install any software, you can use a web-based version of the software too. The bot is quick and prompt in its replies. It replies to queries with easy to understand financial lingo. It also tells you many times where to look if you don’t understand any of the terminology used.

You don’t need to use any complicated commands to get the bot to do what you want it to. Typing help into the bot’s chat interface will bring up what the bot can and can’t do. All of the links that the bot provides link to safe websites which are easy to navigate.

Here’s how the Xason Bot performed when tested

 When updating the email address for the bot to send information to, it took less than 10 minutes for the bot to send the invitation code. The bot said that the invitation code might be in a junk/spam folder. However, it was in the regular inbox, and email registration went down without a hitch.

Without linking a watchlist, the bot cannot do much. It will instead link you to various relevant, recent news articles which is helpful. After linking it to a watchlist, the bot can send you highlights. It can either mention the highlight in the Telegram client itself or through email. The wording used was clear and precise without being too long to read.

As already mentioned, the bot can make suggestions on which stocks to buy and which stocks to sell. When asked about which shares to buy, it asks you how you’d like to go about buying shares. It asks you whether you’d like to buy shares based on your watchlist, random recommendations, by category/industry, recommendations by STI and RETI and so on. There are many options so that you can make the best choice possible with all of the information you could possibly want or use.

After experimenting with the exchange rate tool of the bot, you’ll find that the information displayed is clear and concise. For example, when looking for the exchange rate for Litecoin to Bitcoin, you need to type Rate 100 LTC – BTC. The bot then displays the exchange rate of 100 LTC to BTC with its appreciation or depreciation rate for the day.

The verdict

 The Xason Bot performs what it advertises well. It has all the core features needed in a financial assistant. The only faults when it comes to using it aren’t the chatbots fault but rather, telegram’s fault. Telegram makes you scroll the page a lot when reading the Xason Bot’s message. There is a lot of unused space which the Telegram web app doesn’t utilize and thus, the user experience suffers. However, using the app on Android or iOS corrects this issue.

If you’re looking for a free financial chatbot that performs its duties with no frills, do what you ask of it, you can’t get much better than the Xason Bot. The development team is active and is always adding in new features. They rely solely on donations as of this time to fund development. Try it out for yourself to see if you like it. You won’t lose a dime by trying it out as it’s a free chatbot.

Try out the Xason financial chatbot: https://t.me/xasonbot

Tweet about the bot – https://ctt.ac/3vEFS

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